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Sunex Tool Cart with Sliding Top Model 8035XT

Sunex Tool Cart with Sliding Top Model 8035XT

Mechanics can be pretty picky about their tool carts. It has to be durable and functional, but if you’re going to pull Pros away from their go-to units, you’ll need to do something to get their attention. A new Sunex tool cart promises to that. It has a set of features worth noting along with several […]

Keter XL 6-Piece Garage Set Review

Have you ever watched a woodworking or shop how-to video and marveled over the clean and organized workspace that comes from using an intentionally designed system like the Keter XL 6-Piece Garage Set? As silly as it sounds, I’m nearly as impressed with a space for logical workflow and a neat work area as I […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
Milwaukee 60-inch work station

Milwaukee 60-inch Mobile Work Station Review

Tool storage is a very particular thing. What I mean by that is that everyone has their own tastes, needs, and preferences. Milwaukee’s 46-inch tool chest and cabinet was very well received last year, and we are absolutely numbered among its fans. The combination of storage space, soft closing doors, and integrated peg board were just […]

Review8.5(out of 10)
DeWalt 36 Inch Top Chest and Cabinet Featured Image

DeWalt 36 Inch Top Chest and Cabinet Review

One of the great things about getting our new shop built out and set up is being able to really organize that space. From custom built workbenches to tool chests and cabinets, we need both work space and storage. We’ve got several people sharing the space for personal tools in addition to what we continue […]

Craftsman Contour Powered Series Tool Storage w/Bluetooth

Craftsman Contour Powered Series Tool Storage w/BT

Craftsman is taking on the big boys – or at least the big boys who like to listen to tunes while they work. Last week at CES, Craftsman revealed a couple new tool chests that really got our attention. The first piqued our interest because it was coated in a completely matte black finish. That’s right, black as the night sky in a Kansas… you get the idea. The main thing Craftsman was about, however, was its other rolling tool chest. The big one with the speakers on the front. The new Contour Powered Series of tool rolling chests feature a power tool recharging station that can recharge up to four tools or personal electronics devices.

Kobalt Steel Tool Chest with Pioneer Stereo System Review

Kobalt Steel Tool Chest with Pioneer Stereo System Review

So I walked into Lowe’s about a month ago and spotted a new tool chest. Something was different about it. It was blue – no big deal there, but it had a strange door with no handle on the top right side of the top tool chest. Pushing it open I was greeted to the reveal of a Pioneer Stereo. Alas, had Kobalt finally unveiled a new tool chest with an integrated stereo that was slightly more manageable than their 53-inch behemoth stainless steel product? Indeed they had.