May 17, 2021

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Ironclad HUG Heavy Utility Gloves

Ironclad Work Gloves Review

If you work with your hands, you know you need to take care of them.  Why not protect them and make your job easier? Ironclad Work Gloves come designed specifically for the tasks you do. We took a close look at four of their most popular models. Ironclad HUG Heavy Utility Work Gloves The first of these is […]

Journeyman Work Glove

Klein Journeyman Work Glove Review

We got the chance to sample the Klein Journeyman Work Glove lineup. I was very curious to take a look at this new family of PPE gloves. After college, I spent a summer working for Progress Energy (now part of Duke Energy) in Crystal River, Florida. While the experience was worthwhile, I learned to hate […]

mechanix wear gloves fingers

Mechanix Wear CG Padded Palm Gloves Review

Mechanix Wear sent Pro Tool Reviews a pair of their new Commercial Grade Leather Line of gloves. I was fortunate enough to have them fall into my lap. These new gloves are the CG Padded Palm gloves, which are part of the Commercial Grade Leather line of gloves the company is just now releasing. The […]

Global Gloves Samurai

Global Gloves Samurai Series Review

If your projects involve working with sheet metal, glass, knives or anything sharp, then you need to start using some cut resistant gloves. These new Samurai Series gloves from Global Gloves are made with Taeki 5 yarn, and what makes them so unique is the level of protection they offer with all the dexterity and tactile sensitivity you need.

Ansell Cut Protection Kevlar Gloves Review

Ansell Cut Protection Kevlar Gloves Review

Whether you use gloves or not on the job site is one of those things we leave up to personal preference. At Pro Tool Reviews, most of our staff are full-time construction professionals and the trend seems to favor the wearing of gloves during most jobs involving woodworking, framing, or anything where building materials are […]