Ryobi Edge High Performance Batteries Video

Ryobi just announced Ryobi Edge, their newest line of high performance tabless batteries. I gathered all of the information, and got my hands on some testing footage of the brand new battery packs to share with you guys in this in-depth video article. We’ll know more about the High Performance Edge battery packs in the coming months, so stay tuned!

What is Ryobi Edge? Key Insights From The Video:

  • 📈 The larger cell maintains the same series grouping that’s five cells per row in an 18 volt or 20 volt Max battery, showing a significant upgrade in battery technology.
  • 🔌 The Ryobi Edge batteries can transfer power to the tool more efficiently, thanks to the tabless cell design.
  • 🔋 A Ryobi High Performance Edge battery can deliver more power while running cooler.
  • 📊 Ryobi’s internal testing revealed significant results in the performance of the new high performance batteries.
  • 🔋 The 4 amp High Performance Edge battery outperformed the 8 amp hour high performance pack in the circular saw cutting test.
  • ⚡️ The 8 amp hour high performance battery outperformed the 4 amp hour standard battery by a significant margin in the chainsaw test.
  • 🛠️ The Edge moves the edge of Ryobi’s current capabilities further out, revitalizing the tools you already have.
  • 🛠️ The Ryobi High Performance Edge battery changes the landscape for DIYers and value-minded Pros.

Ryobi’s new High Performance Edge batteries offer significant improvements in power and efficiency, making them a game-changer for DIYers and professionals alike.

  • 00:00 🔋 Ryobi has launched a new high performance 18 volt battery with 21700 cells, promising increased capacity and power.
  • 00:27 🔋 High performance Ryobi Edge batteries use a tabless design for better tool connection.
  • 00:35 🔋 Ryobi’s new High Performance Edge battery delivers more power, runs cooler, charges faster, and has a longer service life, compatible with over 300 products in their 18V One+ system.
  • 01:01 💡 Ryobi Edge batteries work with all tools, but provide a noticeable difference in power for more demanding tools.
  • 01:13 🔋 Ryobi Edge batteries outperform standard batteries in a circular saw cutting test, with the 4 amp High Performance Edge battery completing the task in just 12 seconds.
  • 01:35 🔋 Ryobi Edge high performance batteries outperformed standard batteries in saw and drill tests, with significant time differences in cutting and drilling.
  • 03:00 🔋 High performance batteries outperformed standard battery, pushing the limit of tool capabilities and revitalizing existing tools.
  • 03:24 🔋 Ryobi is introducing a new high-performance battery that will be available exclusively at Home Depot, with potential for increased efficiency and power.

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