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Announcing the 2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards

Last year we debuted the Pro Tool Innovation Awards and drummed up excitement from both manufacturers and professional tool users alike. Over 100 manufacturers entered their best tools into over 200 categories to see if they could take the top honors for innovation. A lot of questions were asked: Who makes the best tools? Which tools and accessories should professionals buy and why? What tools are on or coming to the market that are new and innovative? These questions speak to the value of a tool and its ability to get the job done efficiently.

Check out the 2014 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winners!

In summary, people are always asking:

Who makes the best tool … the best accessory?
Who’s innovating? What’s hot?

The 2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards provide an answer. This Fall, we get to once again answer those questions.

The goal of the 2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards is to recognize and award the year’s most innovative tools and accessories. This is a no-holds-barred competition. We want to hear from manufacturers about what they’re working on and releasing and what’s going to serve the market well. These products must stand out in the crowded line of power and hand tools and accessories. A Pro Tool Innovation Award winner will be more ergonomic, stronger, lighter, faster, longer-lasting, or a better value than the competition.

Innovation has many forms.

Pro Tool Innovation Awards

With over 200 categories for tools, fasteners and accessories, the Pro Tool Innovation awards reveal and reward innovation in nearly every walk of the residential and commercial construction industry. The awards are judged by our panel of building professionals, and winners are chosen based solely on their level of innovation within the industry.

The 2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards identify tools, fasteners and accessories that really stand out and make a difference. These are products that change the very way we work—for the better.

Check out the 2014 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winners!

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