DWHT55529-claw Tool Reviews by Trade

DeWalt DWHT55524 and DWHT55529 10″ Precision Pry Bars Preview

DWHT55524 nail punch 412x500 DeWalt DWHT55524 and DWHT55529 10 Precision Pry Bars Preview

The DWHT55529 is a molding bar and is designed with an extra-wide head to help prevent wall damage when removing trim and molding. The tool also features an extra-wide strike surface and flat prying end so the user can accurately strike the bar to get under a nail or even behind the surface to pry.

DWHT55529 wide 282x500 DeWalt DWHT55524 and DWHT55529 10 Precision Pry Bars Preview

Both bars are forged from high carbon alloy steel and designed to deliver long life and durability. Each bar also features an I-Beam shaft to provide strength without adding any additional weight. Complete with a limited lifetime warranty, the new DeWalt precision pry bars are currently offered in limited availability via independent online and brick & mortar distributors. Each will each sell for around $14.99.

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