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best mechanic tool set

Whether you spend most weekends hovering over an engine or like to have a set of tools on hand to complete routine auto maintenance a few times a year, you’re going to need the best mechanic tool set for the job. While most tool sets include the essentials for working on a vehicle–socket set, bit driver, and hex wrenches–they can range in size from a few dozen pieces up to several hundred. Tool sets can also vary significantly in quality and price depending on your chosen brand. To help you choose the one that’s best for your garage workshop, we’ve assembled some of the top tool sets on the market. 

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How We Picked the Best Mechanic Tool Sets

We used a combination of our own experience with mechanic tool sets along with many hours of research, pouring through customer reviews and comparing specs for more than two dozen different kits, to make our selections of the best mechanic tool sets. Our list does not include the premium mechanics tool brands that are sold directly to professional auto shops. Instead, we chose from some of the most well-respected tool brands you can find at retail outlets. Since mechanic tool needs vary from home garage to home garage, we included kits of varying sizes to suit different needs and budgets.

Best Overall Mechanic Tool Set

DeWalt 247-piece Socket Set DWMT81535

best overall mechanic tool set

DeWalt 247-piece Socket Set DWMT81535

DeWalt gets so much attention for its line of power tools that we sometimes forget that the yellow and black also makes a lot of quality hand tools, including this large socket set. It’s one of the more comprehensive sets at its price point with 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch drives. Other tools include a bit driver with an impressive collection of Torx, Phillps, and square bits and a full set of box wrenches and hex wrenches. DeWalt has a reputation for build quality and this kit is no exception. Radius corners prevent you from rounding off bolts and nuts, while knurling on the sockets makes it easier to hand-thread fasteners. A locking mechanism on the ratchets that prevents sockets from popping off when you’re applying a lot of force is another nice feature. 


  • Includes three ratchet driver sizes
  • Set of box wrenches
  • Excellent build quality


  • Molded case doesn’t hold all tools securely
  • Ratchets have bigger swing arc

Key Specs

  • Size: 247 pieces
  • Weight: 33.1 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 22.3 inches long by 17 inches wide by 5 inches thick
  • Case: Molded tray-style case

Price: $189.99

Best Beginner Mechanic Tool Set

Craftsman Mechanics Tool Sets CMMT12021

Best Beginner Mechanic Tool Set

Craftsman Mechanics Tool Sets CMMT12021

If you’re a novice home mechanic looking for a set of tools to get started, there’s no need to spend hundreds on a tool set. This one from Craftsman has all the most common sizes you need. It comes with 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch drives with a nice selection of sockets, adapters, and extenders. The set includes the most commonly used sizes of metric and SAE sockets as well as sets of deep sockets for each, and there’s also a bit driver with assorted bits and sets of hex wrenches. While the Craftsman name may no longer carry the weight it once did, the now Stanley-owned brand still makes high-quality tools and this kit is no exception. The sockets feature radius corners on the sockets, and the ratchets have locking mechanisms that prevent sockets from popping off when under heavy pressure.


  • Equipped with two ratchet sizes
  • Good build quality 
  • Tray style case


  • Limited number of socket sizes
  • No box end wrenches 

Key Features

  • Size: 83 pieces
  • Weight: 10.9 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 17 inches long by 15.1 inches wide by 4 inches thick
  • Case: Molded tray-style case

Price: $94.98

Best Mechanic Tool Set For The Money

Crescent 150-piece 1/4” and 3/8” Drive 6-point Professional Tool Set CTK150

Crescent 150-piece 1/4” and 3/8” Drive 6 point Professional Tool Set CTK150

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this Crescent mechanics tool set. It comes with a broad range of socket sizes and a 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch ratchet. Plus, you get box wrenches, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, an adjustable wrench, driver bits, and hex wrenches. There are also a few nice-to-haves you won’t find in all mechanic’s tool sets, including a set of two screwdrivers. We also like the design of this set. The ratchets have longer handles and the screwdriver and bit driver have large ergonomic grips, both of which allow you to create more torque on stubborn fasteners.  


  • Comes with two ratchet sizes with extended handles
  • Screwdriver and bit driver feature large grips
  • Broad collection of socket and wrench sizes


  • 60-tooth count ratchets have larger-than-average swing arc
  • Uncomfortable handles on pliers

Key Features

  • Size: 150 pieces
  • Weight: 13.2 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 18.5 inches long by 15 inches wide by 3.5 inches thick
  • Case: Molded snap-in case

Price: $165.99

Best Professional Mechanic Tool Set

GearWrench 1/4″ and 3/8″ Mechanics Tool Set 80949

Best Professional Mechanic Tool Set

GearWrench 1/4" and 3/8" Mechanics Tool Set 80949

GearWrench has a reputation for offering some of the highest quality tools you can buy from a retailer. The kit includes two 90-tooth ratchets (most have 72), which have a shorter swing arc that makes it easier to work bolts or nuts in tight confines and off-corner sockets that won’t round off bolt heads. There’s also a set of ratcheting box end wrenches, a bit driver with a nice selection of bits, and a full assortment of specialty sockets for Torx and hex fasteners and spark plugs. Unlike other mechanics sets that have steel handles, the ratchets and bit driver in this one have large rubberized handles that allow you to get a good grip while working tougher bolts. All of these pieces fit nicely into a molded plastic three-drawer storage box. 


  • Excellent build quality
  • Broad collection of socket and bit types and sizes
  • Ratcheting box end wrenches


  • Lack some nice-to-have tools, like a set of pliers
  • More expensive than sets of similar size

Key Features

  • Size: 232 pieces
  • Weight: 36.3 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 13.58 inches wide by 19.09 inches deep by 12.2 inches high
  • Case: Plastic storage chest 

Price: $319

Best Large Mechanic Tool Set

Husky 290-piece Mechanics Tool Set H290MTS

Husky 290-piece H290MTS

Yes, there are far bigger mechanics tool sets out there. However, this is the largest you’ll find that comes with a case that keeps all the pieces organized. This 290-piece collection covers just about everything you’ll need to handle your home garage auto repairs. It includes 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch ratchet sizes, and deep and standard sockets that run from 5/32 to 1-1/16 inch for SAE sizes and 4 to 22 mm for metric sizes. And, it comes with a full set of ratcheting box end wrenches to boot. There are also specialty sockets for Torx bits and spark plugs, two dozen box wrenches, hex keys, a bit driver, and assorted bits. While all the tools fit inside a molded plastic storage bin with slide-out drawers, you’ll need a stout back to carry this set around. 


  • Comes with three ratchet sizes
  • Includes specialty sockets
  • Ratcheting box end wrenches


  • No pliers included
  • Heavy and bulky 

Key Features

  • Size: 290 pieces
  • Weight: 27.4 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 19.75 inches wide by 13.25 inches deep by 10.25 inches high
  • Case: Plastic storage chest

Price: $249

Best Small Mechanic Tool Kit

GearWrench Mechanics SAE/Metric Tool Set 83001D

gearwrench 83001D

You’ll find more affordable sets at a similar size as this small mechanics kit from GearWrench, but you won’t find one at this quality. Highlights include an 84-tooth ratchet with a smaller ratcheting arc than most other mechanics tool kits and off-corner loading in the sockets that prevents you from rounding off bolts as you’re applying max pressure. The ratchet also has a low profile head that makes it easier to get onto the bolt head when you’re working in the deeper recesses of a car engine. The kit includes a nicely curated collection of socket sizes and surprisingly comes with three ratchet sizes, something you won’t find in much larger sets. A bit driver with bits, Torx bit sockets, and five box wrenches round out this set. 


  • Comes with three ratchet sizes
  • Includes specialty sockets
  • Ratchets have a high tooth count


  • Limited socket size options
  • Few driver bits included

Key Features

  • Size: 118 pieces
  • Weight: 18.7 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 21.2 inches long by 13.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep
  • Case: Molded snap-in case

Price: $129.99

Best Tool Set to Keep in Car

Tools-2-Go 83-piece Set 240119

Tools-2-Go 40119

There’s no reason to carry a full-size mechanics tool set on the road with you. This set from Tools-2-Go has the essentials you need to perform roadside repairs. That makes it a great companion to a set of jumper cables and a jack. It comes with the common socket sizes for performing small repairs, such as tightening a loose battery clamp. There are also assorted bit sizes, a bit driver, an adjustable wrench, and a pair of needle nose pliers. Plus, it comes with tools not normally found in a tool kit. These include an LED worklight, a tire air gauge, and zip ties for holding up a loose skid plate. All the tools fit into a soft case that rolls into tight bundles. This won’t take up much space in your trunk. 


  • Comes with worklight and air gauge
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Essential tools for roadside repairs


  • Limited socket sizes
  • No ratchet included

Key Features

  • Size: 83 pieces
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 15 inches long by 6 inches wide by 4 inches deep
  • Case: Soft roll-up case

Price: $77.95

Best Mechanic Socket Set

Milwaukee 106-piece Combo Kit Socket Set 48-22-9486

Milwaukee 106-piece Combo Kit Socket Set 48-22-9486

Milwaukee may be better known for its cordless power tools, but it also makes some impressive hand tools. As with those aforementioned power tools, this Milwaukee socket set boasts exceptional quality. It comes equipped with two 90-tooth ratchets with compact heads and short swing arcs that make them ideal for working in tight spaces. The sockets are squared off, which prevents them from rolling away while also allowing you to grip them with a wrench for more torque. Large stamped sizes on the sockets make them easy to read, and the sockets sit in separate trays for 1/4- and 3/8-inch sizes, so there’s no need to snap pieces in and out. The trays are also removable so you can set them next to you as you’re working under the car or inside the engine. 


  • Comes with worklight and air gauge
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Essential tools for roadside repairs


  • Limited socket sizes
  • No ratchet included

Key Features

  • Size: 106 pieces
  • Weight: 15 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Case: Molded tray-style case

Price: $249

Best Mechanic Tool Set Buying Guide

Setting a Realistic Budget

As with most tools, prices can vary significantly for mechanics tool sets. You can spend $100 or $1,000 for a mechanics tool set depending on the brand and number of pieces in the kit. When shopping for a tool set, consider what your budget is for a tool set as well as the number of tools you require to meet your needs. 

Value for the Money

One of the main advantages of purchasing a mechanics tool kit is the value it offers. In most cases, purchasing a kit is far cheaper than purchasing the tools that make up the kit individually. Most kits also come with storage cases or chests that make transporting those tools and keeping them organized far easier than keeping track of individual tools.

Tool Set Size and Variety

Project-Specific Requirements

Mechanics tool sets are in a broad range of sizes from as few as 50 pieces up to more than 200. Larger sets tend to include more socket and drive sizes and more additional tools, like bit drivers and bits, hex wrenches, and sets of pliers. While all mechanics tool sets are designed for working on a car, larger sets allow you to take on a broader range of jobs.

Starter Kits vs. Comprehensive Sets

When choosing a size, consider what jobs you plan to complete and how often you plan on using the tool set as well as what tools you already have in your arsenal. If you already have pliers, a bit driver, and assorted bits in your collection, then there’s no need to purchase a kit that includes these tools.  And if you only need a socket set to handle common jobs on your vehicle, go with a set that includes a 3/8-inch drive with socket sizes that range from 1/4 inch to 1 inch and 6 mm to 19 mm. If you plan on taking on more involved projects get a set that also includes 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch drivers and a broader range of sockets. 

Make sure you get a set that covers all your needs. While some metric and SAE socket sizes are very similar, they aren’t identical. Using a socket that’s slightly larger than the actual size of a bolt or nut can cause the socket to round off the fastener’s head, damaging it and making it difficult to remove or tighten. Using the wrong size socket or tool for the job can also damage the socket. 

Quality and Durability

Materials and Construction

Most mechanics tool sets are made from vanadium chrome steel, which is both structurally strong and resistant to corrosion and rust. While most hand tools are made from this, there are other build-quality features to look for. High-quality mechanics tool sets have sockets with radius corners, which have rounded interior corners that prevent the socket from rounding off the edges of nuts and bolts.

If you plan on using your mechanics set with impact drivers, get chrome molybdenum steel, which has more elasticity to prevent the socket from shattering or cracking under the enormous torque of an impact driver. 

Also, consider the tooth count on ratchets. Most sets designed for home mechanics have between 72 and 90-tooth ratchets. A 90-tooth ratchet offers a shorter swing arc, which makes it easier to ratchet bolts or nuts inside a tighter space than those with fewer teeth.  

User Reviews and Ratings

Ratings and reviews abound on the websites for both online retailers and big-box home improvement stores. You can look at aggregated star ratings for most tool kits along with detailed customer feedback from individuals who have purchased and used the site.  

Trusted Brands in the Market

There are dozens of brands to choose from when selecting a mechanics tool kit. While you might be able to get a better deal on an off-brand tool set, it makes better sense to pay a little more for the quality that comes with some of the better-known tool brands. GearWrench makes some of the best quality mechanics tool sets and can even be found in some professional shops. Milwaukee and DeWalt, which have reputations for making power tools, also make excellent mechanics tools. Other quality brands include Husky, Craftsman, and Crescent. 

Warranty and Return Policy

Understanding Warranty Terms

While hand tools are less likely to malfunction or fail than power tools, you’ll still want a good warranty to back up your purchase. Warranties vary between limited and full lifetime. Milwaukee, for example, provides a limited lifetime warranty on all of its hand tools, which means it will replace a cracked wrench or socket only in the case of manufacturer defects. 

Dewalt, Husky, and Craftsman warranties, in comparison, are full lifetime. If a ratchet should ever break or a socket ever crack for any reason at all, the company will replace it with no questions asked and no proof of purchase required. Husky even conveniently lets you perform the warranty claim at your local Home Depot. Other brands require you to file a claim online or by calling an 800 number.  

Return Process and Policies

If you purchase a tool and decide you don’t like it for whatever reason, the process for returns usually depends on the policy of the retailer you purchased the tool from. Return policies vary from retailer to retailer. Most tools purchased through Amazon can be returned within 30 days of delivery with some exceptions. You can avoid shipping fees by visiting an Amazon return location near you.

Do make note of the return policy when purchasing your tool set as some items sold on the online retail giant are not returnable. Big box retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot have more liberal return policies of 90 days, and both will often give you a store credit for items beyond that limit or for which you don’t have a receipt. 

Uses of Mechanic Tool Sets

Automotive Repairs

The average mechanics tool set should allow you to complete most of the auto repair tasks you’ll likely take on in your garage or driveway. They include routine maintenance, like changing the engine and oil filter, replacing a car battery, replacing transmission fluid, changing out an old air filter, replacing belts, fixing a leaky cylinder gasket, or changing spark plugs. Most tool sets can also help you handle slightly more advanced jobs, like changing out brake pads or replacing an alternator. 

Essential Tools for Automotive Work

All mechanic tool sets generally come with a core set of tools that’s common across all of them. These include a 3/8-inch ratchet with a mix of metric and SAE sizes in both standard and deep styles. Smaller kits typically range between 1/4-inch and 1-inch for SAE and 6mm to 19mm for metric. Other tools common across most mechanics kits include a set of box wrenches, bit drivers with assorted bits, and sets of hex wrenches. Larger mechanics kits might have 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch drivers, along with a broader range of larger- and smaller-size sockets. They also have specialty sockets for spark plugs and Torx fasteners. Some larger sets come with sets of slip joint, channel lock, and needle nose pliers. 

DIY Projects Around the House

A mechanics set is useful for a variety of DIY projects. The ratchet and sockets that come with a mechanics tool set are useful for driving in lag bolts in carpentry projects such as building a deck, installing a flat-screen TV mounting kit, or mounting a new toilet to the bathroom floor. A bit driver and set of pliers is useful for a variety of tasks from installing a dimmer switch to repairing a leaky faucet to replacing the battery in a child’s toy. 

Professional Mechanic Work

Specialized Tools for Pros

You typically won’t find the top mechanics tool brands at online retailers or local stores. These tools are marketed directly to professional auto shops, where having high-quality tools can be the difference between finishing a flat-rate job in 1.5 hours vs. 2 hours. Of course, this affects the number of jobs a shop completes in a day. A tool in a pro shop also needs to hold up to heavy use with minimal wear and tear, placing even more emphasis on build quality. 

Meeting Industry Standard

While you can find some retail brands in a professional shop, the premium tool brands that are most popular among the pros include Mac Tools, Wright, SK Hand Tools, and Snap-on Tools. These can cost significantly more than kits from brands found in retail stores. While you can certainly outfit your home auto shop with these pro-level tools by purchasing these brands directly from the manufacturer, they’re often overkill for most home garages. In truth, you’re better off going with brands that straddle the line between pro and serious home mechanics, such as Gearwrench and Milwaukee. 

Construction and Carpentry

Tools for Construction and Carpentry

Larger construction projects that require you to secure large pieces of dimensional lumber together, as in the case of building a deck, fence, or some other large piece of carpentry, often require the use of load-bearing fasteners, including lag bolts, carriage bolts, and the like. The ratchet and sockets or box wrenches you’ll find in a mechanics tool set are often necessary to drive in and tighten these large fasteners. Other tools commonly found in a mechanics tool set, such as a bit driver and box end wrenches can also be useful in carpentry projects. 

Safety Considerations When Using a Mechanic Tool Set

To avoid injury while using mechanics tools, you should always wear the right gear to protect yourself. This includes goggles or safety glasses, gloves, and clothing that covers your arms and legs. Clothing should not be so loose that it can potentially get caught on machinery as you’re working and gloves should fit snugly around your hands to allow for maximum hand dexterity. Any safety eyewear should provide side protection from projectiles. Depending on the type of tool you’re using, you may also want to wear ear protection.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE includes goggles or safety glasses, gloves, and clothing that covers your arms and legs. When using PPE, make sure you’re using equipment that fits you properly. Clothing should not be so loose that it can potentially get caught on machinery as you’re working. Gloves should fit snugly around your hands to allow for maximum hand dexterity. Any safety eyewear should provide side protection from projectiles. 

Correct Techniques for Tool Use

Using a mechanics tool set properly is key to preventing injuries. When using a ratchet driver, place one hand on the socket to prevent it from popping off as you apply pressure, and use the other hand to move the ratchet handle. Always use the correct size and type of tool for the job. While you may be tempted to get by with an inexact-size socket or different tool, doing so could cause slips that lead to injuries. 

Avoiding Common Handling Mistakes

When using mechanics tools, it’s crucial to use the right tool for the job. While some metric and SAE socket sizes are very similar, they aren’t identical. Using a socket that’s slightly larger than the actual size of a bolt or nut can cause the socket to round off the fastener’s head, damaging it and making it difficult to remove or tighten. Using the wrong size socket or tool for the job can also damage the tool. 

Organizing and Maintaining Workspaces

Whether working in a home garage or pro auto shop, keeping the space well organized and clean is key to preventing accidents. Clean up any spilled oil, transmission fluid, or other liquids right away to prevent slips and keep all tools and supplies organized in proper storage containers. 

Fire Safety and Hazard Prevention

Since auto shops and vehicles themselves are filled with combustible chemicals, never smoke or use open flames in the area, and keep space heaters a good distance away. Keep your work area clean and organized to minimize the risk of fire. It’s also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher on hand in the event there is a fire. 

Emergency Preparedness

First Aid Kits and Emergency Plans

Whether you’re working at home or in a professional environment, you’ll want a first aid kit handy in the event of injuries. The kit should include bandages, antiseptic, burn treatment, eye/skin wash, cold pack, and sterile pads. You can purchase kits of varying sizes from online retailers or your local home improvement store. Make sure the kit is easily accessible, so you can get to it quickly in the event of an emergency. If you’re working alone in a home garage, make sure you have a cell phone on your person or nearby in the event you need to contact help. 

Handling Accidents and Injuries

In the event an accident or injury does occur, seek medical attention. For minor cuts, scrapes or burns, use your first aid kit to treat the wound. For more serious injuries, seek help immediately by calling 911. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mechanic Tool Sets

What Are the Must-Have Tools in a Mechanic Tool Set?

A mechanic tool set should have at least one ratchet driver and a set of common metric and SAE socket sizes. Other must-have tools for a mechanics tool set include a bit driver with assorted bits, hex wrenches, and an adjustable wrench or a set of box end wrenches.

How Do I Choose the Right Tool Set Size?

When considering the size of the tool set you need, you’ll want to take into account how you plan to use it. Basic jobs, such as changing the oil, replacing an old air filter, or replacing a car battery can be performed with just a basic 50-piece mechanics tools set. If you spend most weekends working on your car or work on other people’s cars, then you’ll want a much larger set that has 200 or more pieces. 

Which Brands Are Known for High-Quality Mechanic Tools?

Several brands have a reputation for making high-quality mechanic tools. Professionals use such premium brands as Mac Tools, Snap-on, Wright, and SK Hand Tools. They come with a steep price tag and are generally not sold in retail stores. Good quality mechanics tools are also available to home mechanics through retailers, including Milwaukee, Craftsman, and Dewalt. 

Are Mechanic Tool Sets Suitable for DIY Enthusiasts?

While you won’t find the premium professional tool brands mentioned above in retail stores, you will find plenty of mechanics tool sets from such reputable brands as Husky, Crescent, Dewalt, and Milwaukee. 

What Safety Precautions Should I Take When Using These Tools?

While hand tools don’t present the same safety risks as power tools, you’ll still want to take precautions when using them. Wear mechanics gloves that protect your hands while giving you plenty of dexterity to operate the tools. Also, wear clothing that covers your arms and legs and safety glasses or goggles that provide side protection.

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