Best Screwdriver Sets for 2023

Southwire Made in AmericaScrewdriver Set

Last Updated on July 11, 2023

The screwdriver might possibly be the most fundamental tool in your arsenal. From electricians to plumbers to DIYers to woodworkers—screwdrivers play an integral role in how we get work done. Because we find this tool so ubiquitous, we thought we’d recommend the best screwdriver sets and best individual screwdrivers for 2022.

Best Screwdriver Set Overall

Wurth Zebra Screwdrivers Set

Wurth Zebra 3K 5-Piece screwdriver Set

Our managing editor got his hands on the Wurth Zebra Screwdrivers 5-piece set (model 061394226) and proclaimed them the most comfortable he’d ever used. We particularly love the steel endcaps—you can rap the back of these drivers with a hammer if needed. You also get a nice wrench assist up at the top of the shaft for torquing down on the driver if needed. The quality of these 3K screwdrivers is exceptional. You pay for that quality, but we consider the ~$60 a great investment.

Best Budget Screwdrivers

Craftsman 12-piece Screwdriver Set

CRAFTSMAN 12-pc Magnetic Screwdriver Set

One thing you can’t ignore about this Craftsman 12-piece screwdriver set is that it carries a lifetime replacement warranty. That’s right—break a tip or damage a handle and all you need to do is go to a store that sells them and get an immediate replacement. That currently includes Lowe’s and other retailers. You don’t even need proof of purchase! On top of that, we like the traditional design and magnetizable tips. As our pick for the best budget screwdriver set, you really can’t go wrong with this ~$25 set.

Additional Recommendation

When it comes to a great budget set of screwdrivers, we also like the Hart Tools 11-piece screwdriver set. Each magnetic tip driver does a great job holding screws in place. We also like the easy-to-see tip identifiers placed right on the top. In a tool bag or drawer, it makes it easy to identify the size and driver type. A nice grippy handle feels comfortable and also helps the tools stay in place when you set them down. This ~$16 kit includes 5 Phillips drivers, 5 flat-head (slotted) drivers, and an offset tool.

Best Screwdriver Set for Mechanics

Gearwrench 20-pc Screwdriver Set

Gearwrench 20-pc Screwdriver Set

We really like the Gearwrench 20-pc Screwdriver Set for its overall quality and value. This set feels really comfortable in the hand, but also gives you a large set of drivers. The tips “grip” really well, and we like how quickly the drivers spin in your palm due to the slick plastic back. At the same time, you get a grippy rubberized overmold that tolerates greasy hands. You get every conceivable Phillips and slotted driver size, but you also get T15 and T20 Torx drivers and a set of mini screwdrivers. This ~$82 driver set feels remarkably similar to those found in our Sonic Tools S9 toolbox.

Best Screwdriver Set for Woodworkers

Vessel Ball Grip 1/4″ Hex Bit Screwdriver Set

Vessel Ball Grip 1/4" Hex Bit - best screwdrivers for mechanics

Woodworkers appreciate precision. With a screwdriver, you want precise control and a tip that doesn’t slip off the fastener and damage your material. The large ball grip gives you perfect control over this driver at all times. Since all screwdrivers eventually end up with damaged tips, we love the replaceable 3-inch blades on this one. The longer blades let you go places stubby replaceable bits don’t fit since the larger surrounding holder sits nearer to the handle. You can replace these 3-inch blades with any number of products on the market. Vessel also makes ratcheting versions, but this ~$13 model works well, and we like the price.

Best Screwdrivers Set for Electricians

Southwire Made-in-America Screwdriver Set (SDSET8US)

Southwire Made in America Screwdrivers Set - best screwdrivers for electricians

We chose the Southwire Made in America Screwdriver set for several reasons. First, it includes the 8 drivers electricians need, covering four different tip styles and three different shank sizes. For comfort and extra torque, Southwire added cushion grips that really feel great—even when you need to torque down. Southwire marked the sizes right on the back end, so you can easily pick it out of a tool bag or pouch. The handle even includes a lanyard hole so that you can tether it when working at height. Finally, these drivers are made in the USA. I guess that also makes them our Best American-made screwdriver set!

As a space-saving option, also check out the Klein Adjustable Length Screwdrivers.

Best Insulated Screwdrivers

Klein 8-in-1 Insulated Interchangeable Screwdriver Set 32288

which tools are made in the USA Klein 8-in-1 Insulated Screwdriver Set

We like saving space in our tool bags. The $49 Klein 8-in-1 Insulated Interchangeable Screwdriver Set 32288 gives you everything you need to achieve 1000V protection without carrying around a full duplicate set of drivers. We love the easy blade changes. You just push the blade into the handle and it automatically locks into place. Turning the collar in either direction releases the lock and a spring in the bottom frees the blade.

Best Precision Screwdriver Set for Electronics

Klein Tools 32717 Multi-Function Precision Electronics Screwdriver Set

klein tools 32717 best precision electronics screwdrivers

Organization, ergonomics, and bit selection make for the best precision screwdrivers. This $30 kit from Klein Tool hits all our criteria. You get all of the bits you could possibly want—including obscure security Torx bits and Apple tri-wing bits. 39 bits in all. It delivers all of this with a driver that blows away most others we’ve seen. The driver also has a nice rubberized grip, floating rear spin-cap, and magnetic bit holder.

Best Multi-bit Screwdriver

Wiha 77791 26-in-1 Ultra Driver

Wiha multi-bit screwdriver 77791

For a tool we’ve known about since 2017, the $46 Wiha 77791 26-in-1 Ultra Driver still manages to impress us. This best-in-class multi-bit screwdriver features an ultra-compact design that jams 26 tips into its small frame. YOu get a very grippy driver with a convenient storage solution for carrying nearly every bit known to mankind. Since the bits come double-sided, Wiha manages more in this driver than we’ve seen in any other design. And they do it with less bulk and weight.

Best T-Handle Screwdriver Set

Gearwrench 7-piece T-Handle Torx Key Set

Gearwrench T-handle Torx Key Set

Gearwrench made their 7-piece T-Handle Torx Key Set with alloy steel for strength to avoid twisting under pressure. These Torx drivers include chamfered edges on both ends so the key fits more easily into place. We also find them easy to grip—the comfort dual material grip gives you a solid grasp for lots of torque. Priced around $15, these torx keys give you the ability to use the long end or short end depending upon the amount of torque you require. Lastly, Gearwrench puts clear size markings right at the base of each T-handle.

If you don’t need the clearance of a traditional T-handle, you may benefit from the Wurth Zebra T-Handle Ratchet Screwdriver. This applies a ratcheting mechanism atop a multi-bit driver. It lets you apply greater torque when dealing with anything from stubborn Torx bots to stuck Phillips screws.

Best Screwdriver Bit Set

Bosch Impact Tough Screwdriver Bit Sets

Bosch Impact Tough screwdriver bit sets

Priced between $20 and $30, depending on the configuration, Bosch Impact Tough Screwdriver Bit Sets give you tons of great options. The price and value fall somewhere between the most premium solutions and those of value brands. Realistically, they’re priced well and come from a brand that dominates much of the accessories market. These customizable Impact Tough bit sets are easily priced within reach for both professional tradesmen and DIYers.

You can also pick up the DeWalt DWA2T40IR 40-piece Impact Ready Screwdriving Set for less than $30. We like the quality of these bits as well—plus DeWalt gives you a rather nice assortment.

How We Pick Our Selections

When choosing the best screwdriver sets we focused on several key aspects of what makes a good hand tool. Everyone uses screwdrivers—from plumbers to electricians to mechanics. For us to pick the best products means we need an understanding of just how these Pros use these tools in their daily work. As such, we did some consulting. When the dust cleared, here are the particular things we took care to really examine for each pick:

Comfort and Ergonomics

We don’t like using screwdrivers that don’t give you a good grip. At the same time, it shouldn’t hurt your hand if you really need to bear down on a screw. For mechanics, we paid attention to which drivers had a nice fit but also held up to grease and dirt. If a driver slips out of your grip when you get a little greasy—that’s not a great tool for you.

Durability and Quality

From the handle quality to the design of the blade, we pay attention to whether a screwdriver holds up under extended use. We also care a lot about the quality of the tip. We ruled out several blades because they didn’t hold up when the going got tough. Breaking a slotted tip every few weeks shouldn’t be part of your workflow.

We also look at how the driver blade runs through the handle. The best screwdrivers carry the blade very deep into, or even through, the handle. Cheap screwdrivers only extend a couple inches past the base of the handle. As you can imagine, when you apply enough twisting force, the torque can quickly overcome the small amount of handle coverage. We’ve seen plenty of handles break as a result of poor design. Most major manufacturers have figured this out, but many of the knockoff brands take this shortcut—figuring you can’t see through the opaque plastic.

Usability and Features

Particularly when it comes to multi-bit drivers and T-handles, we love features that make sense. A great case in point are multi-bit drivers that make use of handle space so you don’t have to hunt around for bits when you need them. We also want to see replacement bit availability. T-handles should have enough material to deliver the required torque without feeling as though you might twist the steel shaft or break off the handle.

For some drivers, having a couple with a through-shaft and steel backplate makes them handy when you need to bang on something. We all do it—you might as well have a driver or two that can take the abuse! We also like hex points on the shaft to grab with a wrench when you need some extra torque. Some shafts do this by making the entire shaft in a 1/4-inch hex design while others provide a short area near the base of the handle. We prefer the latter but appreciate both designs.


We absolutely don’t mind paying good money for the best screwdriver set available. That price needs to equal what you get for your money, however. Also, a “cheap” set of screwdrivers might look good up front, but if the blades break and the handles shatter when you need them the most… Well, you might wish you had spent more upfront for a nicer set! We try to take all of this into account. If we recommend a more expensive set—expect it to last.

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