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Review: Mechanix Wear CG Padded Palm Gloves

Mechanix Wear sent Pro Tool Reviews a pair of their new Commercial Grade Leather Line of gloves. I was fortunate enough to have them fall into my lap. These new gloves are the CG Padded Palm gloves, which are part of the Commercial Grade Leather line of gloves the company is just now releasing. The CG line has been out for a while, but these gloves are different than the CG Material 4X line. The finger tips and thumb panels are leather with a breathable Spandex top and special padding. There’s also a new closure that’s like a miniature hook and loop that grabs easy but doesn’t collect a ton of dirt.

mechanix wear gloves wood 500x333 Review: Mechanix Wear CG Padded Palm GlovesThe Spandex backside really has a lot of ‘give’. You can flex the knuckles in these gloves without having to break them in first. They seem to be made with a good quality leather that’s pliable but tough. The padded palm seems to work well, and the glove has a nice fit—it doesn’t get in the way. The sizing seems to run a little small, however. Normally I’m an XX-Large, but the XLs fit me like a glove (pun intended). One of my buddies, who’s normally a Medium, tried on the Large, and they fit perfectly as well. Best to get them a size higher than what you think you would normally wear.

Overall, these gloves will do the job of protecting your hands and letting you maneuver lumber or anything else you’re trying to move. I like them a lot.

David Delk is one of a select few who was actually born in Lakeland, Florida. David has over 35 years experience that spans a couple decades of trimming out new construction to his more recent work of designing cabinetry and custom fabrication. Right now, David is partially retired and enjoys taking on select “old school” finish and trim carpentry work.

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