April 18, 2021

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2013 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Storage

PTIA storage

So you’ve got a great set of tools. What about a place to store them? Without tool storage we’d be limited to how big our pockets are. While I am aware of some very big pocketed work pants, I still maintain that good tool storage is the key to staying organized. And staying organized is going to make you money, regardless of whether or not you’re the employer or the employee.

Check out the tool storage options below and we’ll continue to work to make this an even bigger and more diverse section next year.

Winner: Storage—Tool Bags

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro™ Organizer Hacksaw Electrician’s Bag (55453HSB)

Klein 55453 Tradesmen Pro Hacksaw BagWhat they say: Klein Tools’ exclusive Hacksaw Electrician’s bag includes a top-loading hacksaw pocket with protective plastic lining so you won’t rip up your tool bag. Fits standard hacksaws up to 16.5″, so you can have your tool with you at all times. 48 pockets provide extensive tool storage. The tough, durable molded bottom withstands cold conditions. It’s the only bag with hacksaw storage on the market.

What we say: Aside from being a pretty nifty and well-thought-out electrician’s bag, one of the common issues is storing sharp blades and saws for the job site. Klein has introduced the worlds first (and only) bag that takes that into account and provides a place to store your hacksaw. It’s pretty cool, and to us it makes a lot of sense.

Winner: Storage—Tool Chests

DeWalt Tough System Two Drawer Organizer Unit (DWST08225)

DeWalt DWST08225 Toughsystem 2 DrawerWhat they say: The DEWALT DWST08225 two-drawer organizer expands the Tough System line of heavy duty storage boxes. The two drawer unit features a drawer for power tool storage and a shallow drawer ideal for small parts and accessories. The shallow drawer is equipped with removable compartments. Ball bearing slides withstand heavy loads. Constructed of 4mm structural foam, the DWST08225 is incredibly durable. It is compatible with the Tough System trolley for easy transportation.

What we say: Getting your tools to and from the job site is a big deal—but it doesn’t have to be an ordeal. We’re fans of good organization, and the new Tough System from DeWalt addresses organization and tool storage head-on. We love the design, the portability and, well, we kinda like the color.

Winner: Storage—Tool Organization

Bosch L-Boxx / Click & Go™ System

Bosch L-Boxx StackedWhat they say: Bosch’s Click & Go™ system, featuring L-Boxx storage solutions offers a personalized storage, organization and transportation solution for power tools, hand tools and accessories. L-Boxxes are available in four height options varying from 4-1/2 inches to 15 inches and include the L-Boxx-1, L-Boxx-1A, L-Boxx-2, L-Boxx-3, L-Boxx-4 and L-Boxx-3D, allowing users to choose the storage solution that best suits their needs. All models feature single-click stacking, making the tool cases easy to lock together and transport, and top, front and side handles offer comfortable handling in any situation. 

What we say: The Click & Go / L-Boxx system from Bosch has been around for quite some time now, but they keep innovating. New models come out and the new tools they release get custom foam or plastic inserts to protect them and expand the system to make it useful for every tool you own (Bosch or not). Case in point, this fall, the L-Rack expansion system will allow users to add additional storage to L-Boxxes or to create a larger organization system. To top it all off, these systems work in conjunction with products from Knapheide, Sortimo and even Ram Trucks.

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Glad to see that Veto Pro Pack didn’t get on the list. Hopefully by now it has gone the way of the Bucket Boss. Tradesmen need to realize early in their life that lugging around an 80lb bag each day that contains every single tool you own is not good for your body. Work smarter and just carry the tools you need for a specific task.

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