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Knife & Chisel Reviews

From folding pocket knives and utility knives to woodworking chisels, we put our hands on everything that cuts or slices. When Pro Tool Reviews evaluates pocket knives, we look for blade steel, handle design, sharpness, and ergonomics. A knife has to fit your hand well and offer an edge that doesn’t dull after just a few cuts. Utility knives have found a place in our heart and we use them for nearly everything in the shop. The best utility knives feature either a snap-off blade design or easy-to-replace single blade system. We look at how easily the blade extends and retracts. The blade storage also affects how well a utility knife ranks in our system. For chisels, we take into account steel hardness and the overall design of the tool. From “demo” chisels to fine woodworking and carpentry chisels you want to understand the intended use and advantages of each of these tools.

Kobalt 46-piece SAE Tap, Die and Drill Set Review

Kobalt SAE Tap and Die Set Review

Everyone has experienced a stripped bolt or nut. It can leave you feeling helpless – unless you have a good tap and die set handy. Kobalt introduced its 46-piece Tap and Die Set to take away that dilemma and provide you with the tools necessary to fix that nut or bolt right up. Of course, you can also use a good tap and die set to take a bare piece of steel rod and turn it into a threaded one. For most, however, you’ll use this to fix a bad bolt, nut, or threaded socket – and those are the tasks for which this level of set is best suited.

Milwaukee Rasping Jab Drywall Saw Preview

Milwaukee Rasping Jab Saw Preview

Milwaukee introduced a new Rasping Jab Saw (Drywall Saw) as part of its new line of hand tool products. Eliminating the need for separate rasping and reaming tools, the new saw utilizes grating holes along the side of the blade to rapidly expand holes or smooth rough edges of sheetrock or drywall after a cut has been made.

Milwaukee Fastback Folding Utility Knife

Milwaukee Fastback Folding Utility Knife Review

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation introduced a Fastback new folding utility knife as part of its new line of hand tool products. At first, we thought “nifty, but a knew razor knife is hardly newsworthy.” That all changed when we headed up to Milwaukee’s 2010 tools event to preview some of their new products. As part […]

Milwaukee 48-22-1510 sliding utility knives knife

Milwaukee Sliding Utility Knife

The Milwaukee sliding utility knife is part of its hand tool line of products. Built to be productive and ergonomic, the Sliding Utility Knife comes fully featured and emphasizes ease of use and durability. If you prefer a different form factor, the Milwaukee Fastback II folding utility knife is a great product and one of […]

Kershaw Zing 1735 Folding Knife Review

Kershaw Zing 1735 Knife Review

If you are a pocket knife kind of guy who is always on the lookout for innovative knives, then you need to check out Kershaw’s new folder knife. It’s called the Zing 1735 and it has a unique 3D machined blade. This folding pocket knife is made with special stainless steel and was designed by the famous knife designer RJ Martin.

Rapid Tools Rapid Warrior Utility Knife Set Review

Rapid Tools Rapid Warrior Utility Knife Set Review

The Rapid Warrior is the latest transformer-like utility knife tool from Rapid Tools. With a flick of a lever and a turn of a knob, you can go from razor knife to keyhole saw to a hacksaw.  With quick, no tool blade changes, DIYers and homeowners will find this tool handy to keep in a toolbox or drawer. We first […]

Leatherman Kick multi tool pliers

Leatherman Kick Multi Tool Review

The Leatherman Kick was designed for folks who prefer a little less weight, yet need a full size multi-tool that features longer, sharper, and stronger implements in a lighter and more compact tool. Full-size pliers are built in that have a jaw design that can handle twice the squeeze-load as the previous version with no extra weight

Goldblatt BladeRunner Drywall Cutter

Goldblatt Blade Runner Drywall Cutting Tool

We ran into Scott Murray of Goldblatt Tool Company who was showing off their new Bladerunner Drywall Cutter. What makes this tool unique and special is that it uses proprietary blades and a magnetic grip to cut both sides of the drywall at the same time. After the cut, it’s just a snap of the board and you’re done. It was kind of hard to believe that the tool actually worked. After trying ti a few times I can say that it’s one of the more innovative tools I’ve seen in a while. With practice it might just end up pushing your drywall knife out of the tool bag.

Cabelas Hand Forged Throwing Tomahawk Review

Cabelas Throwing Tomahawk Review

With great movies like the Patriot and the Last of the Mohicans, it is hard not to pay tribute to one of the original tools in our American History: the Tomahawk. This tool did not start out as a weapon but as a practical trade item between early settlers and the Indians. Of course beyond the obvious uses of hacking trees down and fashioning things out of wood, it also became a pretty good weapon. If you think about it, in the old days when you had to ether carry all your tools or drag them along with you on a horse or wagon, versatile and universal tools ruled.

Leatherman Wave Multitool 3

Leatherman Wave Multitool Review

If you haven’t heard of Leatherman you are definitely new to tools or have never aspired to be a Boy Scout. The popular multitool company has made one of the most well-recognized one-tool-does-all inventions in the industry and has only expanded upon its initial offerings. The new Wave tool from Leatherman offers an almost unbelievable assortment of goodies to the handyman – pliers, saw, screwdrivers, scissors, knife, cutters, file… You name it, the Wave has it!