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Our outdoor power equipment reviews include lawnmowers, riding mowers, zero turn mowers, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, edgers, blowers, and chainsaws. More than that, our OPE reviews hit on both gas and cordless battery powered tools. Recently, we even checked out the Husqvarna Automower 315 Robotic lawn mower and saw what’s possible when you combine robotics with cordless tech. Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews for Pro Landscapers If you’re a landscaping Pro, you want to make sure your crew is doing their work quickly and efficiently. Zero turns, for example, are not all designed the same. Some cut more quickly than others, while others have the build quality to last. For string trimmers, we look for max line size, speed, and ergonomics. You want power, but you also want to be able to operate a tool all day long with ease. Ergonomics and vibration consistently get more attention from organizations like OSHA and NIOSH.

Worx Nitro 40V Cordless Leaf Blower Review WG585

Worx Stakes A Larger Claim In Lawn Care With Unique 40V Cordless Leaf Blower The main talking point for battery-powered leaf blowers has to do with ever-increasing performance. The WG585 Worx Nitro 40V leaf blower put that conversation on pause (briefly) thanks to its unusual design. We wanted to know more about how useful it […]

Review9.3(out of 10)
Green Machine 16-Inch Carbon Fiber String Trimmer Review

Green Machine 16-Inch Carbon Fiber String Trimmer Review

Green Machine Carbon Fiber String Trimmer We’ve been getting to know Green Machine’s battery-powered line of lawn care equipment. Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into the Green Machine 16-inch carbon fiber string trimmer. As we go, we’re keeping an eye open to how its performance and design compare to the top residential models we […]

Toro Robotic Autonomous Lawn Mower

Maintain Your Perfect Yard Without All The Work It’s interesting to see the evolution of autonomous robotic lawnmowers happen in real-time. What was once a thing of the future is becoming a reality right before our eyes. Toro’s autonomous robotic lawn mower hopes to change the industry even further with some state-of-the-art technology. While we […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Greenworks 60V Battery-Powered Cultivator

Greenworks 60V Battery-Powered 8-Inch Cultivator Review TL60L410

Whip Your Garden Into Shape With The Greenworks 60V Battery-Powered Cultivator As spring prepares to give way to summer, folks are starting to spruce up their gardens and flowerbeds with fresh annuals, vegetables, and new mulch. For you, maybe it’s time for a landscaping overhaul, complete with new topsoil, fertilizer, and soil aeration. We’ve been […]

DeWalt DCMWSP255 21-in self-propelled lawn mower

DeWalt 21.5-inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

DeWalt Continues Electric Lawn Mower Line with the 21.5-inch Self-Propelled Model We love watching battery-powered lawn equipment mature each year as more and more manufacturers create new products and improve others. DeWalt is tackling the runtime issue with two new lawn mowers. The DeWalt DCMWSP255Y2 and DCMWSP255U2 21.5-inch self-propelled lawn mower each come with two […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Carbon Fiber String Trimmer Review

Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Carbon Fiber String Trimmer Review

Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Carbon Fiber String Trimmer Boosts Power Battery-powered string trimmers have been an easy transition for more homeowners with options that have excellent performance and runtime. However, properties that need more than a 25cc engine can offer have been short on options. We tested the Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 17-inch carbon fiber […]

HART 40V Battery-Powered 16-Inch Chainsaw Review

HART 40V Battery-Powered 16-Inch Chainsaw Review HLCS021

HART 40V Battery-Powered 16-Inch Chainsaw Shows Off Increased Cutting Power And Performance HART is making a push into the high-performance battery-powered lawn care scene with new additions to their 40V lineup. Among them, we have the HART 40V battery-powered 16-inch chainsaw which now sits at the top of the brand’s expanding lineup. We wanted to […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
DR Power Commercial Field and Brush Mower XD26

DR Power Commercial Field and Brush Mower Review XD26

DR Power Commercial Field And Brush Mower Tackles Tough Mowing Conditions Dragging a big batwing behind a tractor works great for large plots of land. But what about smaller plots or areas that don’t have wide access? We connected with Eli Mosley out at the ranch to see how the DR Power Commercial Field and […]

Green Machine 655 CFM Battery-Powered Leaf Blower Review

Green Machine 655 CFM Battery-Powered Leaf Blower Review

Green Machine Battery-Powered Blower Throws Its Hat In The Ring Green Machine is a relatively new brand you might have noticed as you browse Home Depot’s website. It’s a 62V system that covers the basic range of what homeowners need to keep their lawns up to par. We brought in the Green Machine 655 CFM […]