Husqvarna 330iKL Combi Trimmer – Edger Review

Husqvarna 330iKL Combi Trimmer

Husqvarna has been in the cordless game for quite some time now, and that goes for their trimmers. I’ve reviewed several, including the 525iLST, a light-duty commercial model. Overall, I thought it was a great piece of gear – powerful, well-balanced, and efficient. Now, Husqvarna is heading in the direction of many of its competitors with attachment-capable equipment, like the 330iKL Combi Trimmer and Edger.

The Combi Switch platform, as they call it, is essentially the brand’s answer to similar systems like Ryobi’s Expand-It series. I’ve taken these for a spin, as well, which is why I was keen to jump on Husqvarna’s fleet. I chose the trimmer-edger model, as I have a lot of perspective on that combination.

After extensive testing, I arrived at an opinion of its performance and design. Here’s what I thought.

Husqvarna 330iKL Combi Trimmer and Edger Attachments

Up front, it’s important to note that the 330iKL refers to the kit, which is the main tool and the battery. That “main tool” can be either a string trimmer (TA320), an edger (ECA308), or a pole saw (PA310). If you want any of the other attachments, including the hedge trimmer (HA322), you’ll have to order those separately.

In my case, I chose Husqvarna’s 330iKL Combi String Trimmer, along with the ECA308 edger.

Husqvarna 330iKL Combi Trimmer Performance and Design

husqvarna 330ikl Combi trimmer and edger

Before we get into specifics, I have to say that I ran this tool harder than I have in any other hands-on review. Indeed, I punished this thing for several weeks, which equates to about eight intense outings. So, I’m coming into this with strong, confident opinions.


Husqvarna equipped the 330iKL Combi Trimmer with a brushless motor that runs on a 40V (4.0Ah) battery.

The moment I pulled the trigger, it was obvious that this unit has a brushless power plant. It has a distinctive purr, which, based on my tests, registered at around 60 dBs (held in the normal working position). But, numbers aside, I never once felt the need to don ear protection, and I’m sensitive to loud noise.

What’s more, for a high-end consumer model, this tool is powerful (which I’ll explore more when I get to its cutting performance).

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The 330iKL Combi Trimmer’s battery is outstanding, so, kudos to Husqvarna on that one, for sure.

For one, it stayed pretty cool, even during heavy cutting and long outings. Now, Husqvarna says that this model can handle up to 2 acres, however, I conducted my tests on a half-acre lot. That said, I ran it in brutal fashion, trimming around loads of hardscaping, walkways, a patio, two outbuildings, and a 45-foot stretch of driveway. Furthermore, I kept it running the entire time, every time.

330iKL battery

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t do that, nor would you do that. Nonetheless, I wanted to see how the 330iKL handled abuse, and I’m confident in saying that Husqvarna knocked it out of the park with the Combi Trimmer’s efficiency and endurance.

In terms of runtime, these sessions were roughly 35 minutes by my clock. Again, that’s 35 minutes of non-stop running. And, even then, the battery never fell below two bars.

husqvarna 330ikl combi trimmer 3-speed feature

Additionally, you can augment your runtime using the three-speed function, which you can adjust on the grip’s control panel.

Cut Quality and Handling

husqvarna 330ikl trimmer

The 330iKL is a confident cutter. I put this to work on basic sidewalk trimming, hardscape maintenance, and even isolated patches of tall grass. There was no tangling, and I don’t recall the trimmer ever bogging down.

However, in terms of handling, I will say that the head is a bit on the heavy side. When I placed the Combi Trimmer in the hands of a few neighbors, they too said that Husqvarna could make the 330iKL a little lighter.


330ikl trigger

The main area where the 330iKL could use improvement is with the trigger lockout. This was a similar shortcoming that I found on the commercial-grade 525iLST.

In the 330’s case, the trigger sometimes got caught on the lockout mechanism (a small flap-like attachment that rests between the trigger and the grip). When that happened, I had to reset the trigger and start again. This isn’t a huge problem, but it may become a nuisance if you’re hot, sticky, and irritated about having to do yard work.

Husqvarna 330iKL Combi Trimmer Edger Attachment

husqvarna ECA308 attachment

The next step in my tests was to slide off the trimmer and fasten the ECA308 edger attachment. While the assembly wasn’t brain surgery, it was somewhat awkward. Part of this was due to the weight, which, from a positive standpoint, testifies to the fact that Husqvarna doesn’t use junk.

Indeed, the cutting head is downright beefy. In this respect, I can handle the weight, as edging can be rough work.

husqvarna combi edger attachment

Once I had it assembled, Husqvarna’s 330iKL Combi Trimmer transformed into an effective and comfortable edging machine. It cut very well and wasn’t hard on my back. The latter has frequently been a problem for me.

In short, the ECA308 is a great attachment and the one that I would recommend as a sidekick to your trimmer.

The Bottom Line

Husqvarna scored a solid hit with the 330iKL Combi Trimmer and Edger. While it’s a little bit heavy, I think it’s worth the weight for several reasons:

  • The battery is superlative. I punished this trimmer on a half acre, running it incredibly hard. However, Husqvarna says that you’ll have no trouble with roughly 2 acres. I’m confident that this claim is completely accurate.
  • The cutting was impressive. I was able to put the 330iKL to work on a series of tasks involving multiple levels of growth. At no point did it struggle.
  • As for the edger, I was impressed with its solid build quality and the design of the curved shaft, which aided in comfort.

Husqvarna 330iKL Combi Trimmer and Edger Price

The 330iKL Trimmer sells for $339.99 and comes with a battery and charger. The ECA308 edger attachment retails for $99.98.

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