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Specialty Power Tool Reviews

There are times when tools have a category that’s not broad enough for us to give them their own space. They fall into the corded specialty power tools category. These tools include products like the Kett fiber cement shears and the Camo Edge Pro deck fastening system. We even included the Grizzly Mini Milling Machine Model G8689 and the Festool Conturo edge bander. More than just unique, however, our specialty power tool reviews reveal which tools often fill a much-needed gap. They perform specialized tasks that no other tool can. As a result, they often end up saving time and money for the Pros who use them. Specialty Power Tool Reviews for Pros Other tools that fit this category include the Milwaukee Force Logic Knockout System, various wet saws, and pipe cutters. With the right specialty power tool you can get your work done more quickly, and with less hassle than if you try the same task with the wrong equipment.

Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool Preview

Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool Preview

Dremel’s 3000 is its newest rotary tool and updates the line to include some very handy and ergonomic features. One of these is the new EZ Twist nose cap. The cap has an integrated wrench used to tighten accessories and which takes away the need to include a separate wrench that can be misplaced. The tool is also a bit shorter than the Dremel 300 series, but its rated at 1.2 amps, so it’s powerful enough to handle tasks requiring both power and finesse. The new rotary tool has a more efficient fan design with side vents for better cooling. The Dremel 3000 also claims to be quieter and runs with less vibration. From our initial viewing of the tool, we like the new design, which also offers a trumpet-shaped nose cap which yields a secure and comfortable hold on the tool during use. Dremel is targeting the 3000 Rotary Tool for cutting, grinding, sanding, carving and polishing.

Wagner Power Painter Pro w/EZ Tilt Review

Wagner Power Painter Pro with EZ Tilt Review

Wagner is a name that is well-known for it’s line of project paint sprayers. When we saw a release that debuted their newest Power Painter EZ Tilt series, we knew we had to give it a try. Wagner sent us the newest Power Painter Max with EZ Tilt (model 0525032) and their new Optimus Dual Tip Technology. The project we had in mind was a small addition on the back of a local home. While the siding was made of T1-11, the real attraction was that eaves and a small porch roof meant that we’d have to do a lot of overhead and angled spraying. With a typical electric project sprayer, this presents a problem. Wagner, however, has claimed to have licked this with their new EZ Tilt suction tube. The principle is simple enough – a weighted, one-way nozzle sits in the supply bucket. When you tilt the sprayer up, the paint – and more importantly, the EZ Tilt suction tube – drop to the bottom of the attached 1-1/2 quart cup. This allows the Power Painter to be used vertically and still pull paint through the suction tube and into the sprayer.

Bosch D-Tect 150 Wallscanner plumbing

Bosch D-Tect 150 Wallscanner Preview

We recently got back from Bosch’s Global Leadership Tour media event and were fascinated by all the new tools they are working on. One tool that we saw LAST year, however, was the Bosch WallscannerD-Tect 150. This tool uses Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) radar technology and is the first detector at a sub-$1000 price point that detects rebar, water-filled PVC, copper piping (non-ferrous metal), wood studs and live wiring. The BoschD-Tect 150 does more than detect these materials, though, it gives the user material type, depth, and relative width information. The D-Tect 150 works through concrete, wet concrete, and even deep concrete up to 6″. In fact, you can use it in any of seven surface modes.

Dremel 4000 drywall rotary cutting tools

Dremel 4000 Drywall Rotary Cutting Tool Kit Review

Rotary tools is what Dremel makes and now they are inching the bar higher with the release of their new High Performance 4000-2/30 Rotary Tool which comes with a bigger motor and over 30 accessories. The whole kit comes in a form fitting hard plastic storage case that keeps everything safe and organized when not in use. Outstanding performance and excellent quality are just some of the things we have come to expect from Dremel and this new Dremel High Performance Rotary Tool kit is no different.

Dremel 6300-01 Multi-Max

Dremel 6300-01 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Kit

Dremel is well-known for their rotary tools, but the new Multi-Max oscillating tool may put a fresh smile on the face of those who ever wanted to plunge cut into a door jamb or easily remove nasty old caulk from around a sink or tub enclosure. The Multi-Max features multiple attachments that allow it to be used for cutting, grinding, sanding scraping and even grout removal. It’s the kind of tool that actually does something no other tool does, making difficult and otherwise messy jobs rather simple.