September 26, 2021

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Job Site Lighting Reviews

When you talk about jobsite lighting, many products come to mind. Our job site lighting reviews including everything from LED flashlights to work lights and other lighting systems. We cover everything for the workshop or job site but also deal in portable lighting, including battery powered and cordless lights. These new cordless lighting products provide hours of runtime. They shine brighter and have more color accuracy than ever before. Newer LED-based lighting products also have the kind of run-time you only imagined a battery-based tool could have. Job Site Lighting Reviews for Contractors and Shop Owners We feel that halogen job site lighting has reached the end of its life. Newer LED-based lighting solutions like the Festool SysLite DUO work light and the Maxxeon WorkStar 5000 work light have made that clear. Even smaller battery-powered products have changed jobsite lighting. A great example includes the RYOBI Hybrid LED work light. Our job site lighting reviews focus on several key elements. What is the light output? How well does the light cover the work area? If battery-powered, does the LED light provide enough run-time? What is the quality of light (hotspots, color temperature, etc)?

Makita 12V Max CXT LED Flashlight

Makita 12V LED Flashlight ML103

The Makita 12V Max CXT Lithium-ion LED Flashlight works well as a truly compact light source. The Makita ML103 delivers up to 28 hours per charge when paired with a 12V CXT 4.0 Ah battery. The ML103 measures just 3-7/16 inches long and weighs just over 1/2-pound—with a 2Ah battery installed. The compact size makes an attractive, […]

Milwaukee M18 Packout Light and Charger

Milwaukee M18 Packout Light and Charger

Dedicated Lighting Solution Joins Packout Milwaukee has made a big push to expand the Packout Modular Storage line with innovative solutions for keeping your workday as streamlined as possible. We’ve learned that—in addition to the various drawered boxes, customizable work top, and 2-wheeled cart—you can also expect the Milwaukee Packout Light and Charger to join […]

Emerson Appleton Contender LED Luminaires

Emerson Appleton Contender LED Luminaires

Low-Profile Emerson Appleton Contender LEDs Retrofit in Industrial Facilities Emerson Appleton has released a safe and economical solution for retrofitting a plant’s legacy HID lighting system to an energy-efficient LED system. The Appleton Contender LED Luminaires offer an energy savings of up to 65% when compared to HID lighting. And, with the low-profile design, these […]

Makita DML810 Cordless Upright LED Area Light Review

Makita Hybrid LED Light Stays Upright Makita has expanded its range of cordless lighting options again, this time with a job site LED upright area light that stays upright no matter how much abuse you throw at it. And, though the general design might be reminiscent of a classic children’s toy line, the Makita LED […]

Ryobi P782 Hybrid LED Tripod Light Review

This Ryobi LED Light Stands Up Tall Available now, the Ryobi Hybrid LED Tripod Light joins the brand’s ever-expanding line of 18V lighting solutions. And, not only is it bright, but with a variety of powering options and tower configurations, this light is pretty much the definition of “versatile.” Let There Be (Hybrid Power) Light […]

Gearwrench Wing Light with Underhood Rack

Gearwrench Wing Light with Underhood Rack

The rechargeable 1000-lumen Gearwrench Wing Light with Underhood Rack beams out brilliant, clean light. Since it moves along the rack, there’s no area under the hood it can’t cover. The light also comes off the rack to become a flashlight or spotlight that uses a magnet to stick to other areas of a vehicle. I’ll […]

Southwire LED Rechargeable Worklight

Southwire 2000-Lumen Rechargeable LED Work Light Hands-On Review

Small Southwire Work Light Casts Big Illumination We can’t ever seem to get enough worklights. With LEDs being so inexpensive and useful, it doesn’t look like we need to curb our addiction anytime soon. The Southwire Rechargeable LED Work Light makes a great addition to our ever-expanding collection of lights. It’s small enough to carry […]

Coast Rechargeable LED Work Light

Coast WLR1 Rechargeable LED Work Light

Coast Work Light Fits 1150 Lumens Into Your Toolbox The Coast WLR1 Rechargeable LED Work Light packs 1150 lumens into a compact package that can run corded or cordlessly. And, with Coast’s Pure Beam Focusing Optic, you can tailor the WLR1 light to the job at hand. Coast WLR1 Features The Coast WLR1 Rechargeable LED […]

DeWalt DCL077

DeWalt DCL077 Task Light with Rotating Handle

DeWalt DCL077 Task Light Brings Simplicity to Jobsite Lighting The DeWalt DCL077 Task Light is an easy-to-use solution for lighting up the work in front of you. Compatible with the entire fleet of 12v/20V/60V batteries, this light makes an ideal option for anyone on the DeWalt cordless tool platform. DeWalt DCL077 Task Light with Variable […]

Southwire Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Southwire Rechargeable LED Headlamp Hands-On Review | 120-Lumens

Southwire Rechargeable LED Headlamp Stays Comfortable and Compact We use headlamps frequently around here. We particularly like the ones we can simply throw on a charger at the end of the day and not worry about keeping a constant supply of AAA batteries. Southwire recently released the HL12RSW Rechargeable LED Headlamp. With its lithium polymer […]