October 18, 2021

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Job Site Lighting Reviews

When you talk about jobsite lighting, many products come to mind. Our job site lighting reviews including everything from LED flashlights to work lights and other lighting systems. We cover everything for the workshop or job site but also deal in portable lighting, including battery powered and cordless lights. These new cordless lighting products provide hours of runtime. They shine brighter and have more color accuracy than ever before. Newer LED-based lighting products also have the kind of run-time you only imagined a battery-based tool could have. Job Site Lighting Reviews for Contractors and Shop Owners We feel that halogen job site lighting has reached the end of its life. Newer LED-based lighting solutions like the Festool SysLite DUO work light and the Maxxeon WorkStar 5000 work light have made that clear. Even smaller battery-powered products have changed jobsite lighting. A great example includes the RYOBI Hybrid LED work light. Our job site lighting reviews focus on several key elements. What is the light output? How well does the light cover the work area? If battery-powered, does the LED light provide enough run-time? What is the quality of light (hotspots, color temperature, etc)?

Coast Rechargeable LED Work Light

Coast WLR1 Rechargeable LED Work Light

Coast Work Light Fits 1150 Lumens Into Your Toolbox The Coast WLR1 Rechargeable LED Work Light packs 1150 lumens into a compact package that can run corded or cordlessly. And, with Coast’s Pure Beam Focusing Optic, you can tailor the WLR1 light to the job at hand. Coast WLR1 Features The Coast WLR1 Rechargeable LED […]

DeWalt DCL077

DeWalt DCL077 Task Light with Rotating Handle

DeWalt DCL077 Task Light Brings Simplicity to Jobsite Lighting The DeWalt DCL077 Task Light is an easy-to-use solution for lighting up the work in front of you. Compatible with the entire fleet of 12v/20V/60V batteries, this light makes an ideal option for anyone on the DeWalt cordless tool platform. DeWalt DCL077 Task Light with Variable […]

Southwire Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Southwire Rechargeable LED Headlamp Hands-On Review | 120-Lumens

Southwire Rechargeable LED Headlamp Stays Comfortable and Compact We use headlamps frequently around here. We particularly like the ones we can simply throw on a charger at the end of the day and not worry about keeping a constant supply of AAA batteries. Southwire recently released the HL12RSW Rechargeable LED Headlamp. With its lithium polymer […]

Milwaukee Intrinsically Safe Headlamp | Ignition Proof

Milwaukee 2004HZL Headlamp Designed to Keep You Safe in Hazardous Conditions Milwaukee just slated the Intrinsically Safe Headlamp for a July release. But, with that announcement, we realize that the term “intrinsically safe” might not be common enough parlance for most of us to grasp the importance of the 2004HZL headlamp. The sheer amount of […]

Makita DML811

Makita DML811 18V LXT LED Work Light Review | 3000 Lumens

Makita DML811 Lights Up Your Work With or Without a Cord Following a similar design to 10,000-lumen DML09, the Makita DML811 18V LXT LED work light illuminates a broad picture of the work in front of you. With a smaller profile and lower weight, this hybrid work light has a lot to offer. Pros Up […]

Gearwrench wing light and compact work light

Gearwrench Wing Light and Compact Work Light | New LED Lights

GearWrench seems to think mechanics don’t actually need more tools. What they need are better tools to replace the multitude of sub-par products they currently own. Case in point: the GearWrench Wing Light and Compact Work Light offer more ways to get the job done in low light, effectively eliminating the need for a larger […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
Makita DML809 LED Worklight

Makita DML809 18V X2 LED Work Light | 10,000 Lumens

Makita DML809 LED Work Light Blasts 10,000 Lumens With or Without a Cord With an increased focus on jobsite lighting, the Makita DML809 18V X2 LED work light boasts an incredible 10,000 lumens of output. What sets it apart from other high-output lights is that you can use it with a cord or with Makita’s […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Makita DML812 18V LXT Cordless LED Flashlight and Spotlight

Makita DML812 18V LXT Cordless LED Flashlight and Spotlight

Makita DML812 Sets a New Benchmark for Jobsite Spotlight Design There are a whole host of lighting options that are genuinely helpful on the jobsite. The Makita DML812 is an 18V LXT cordless floodlight and spotlight combination that might serve as the most versatile light you own. Pros 600-lumen spot beam reaches out 700 yards […]

Klein 56040 Rechargeable Flashlight

Klein 56040 Rechargeable Flashlight with Laser and Magnetic Base

Klein Focuses Up with Rechargeable Flashlight and Laser Combo The Klein Rechargeable Flashlight has utility in spades. Spot and flood illumination, laser pointing, and hands-free use all fall within this flashlight’s wheelhouse. And, with a max 12-hour runtime, you can get through the day (and then some) on a single charge. Klein Flashlight Laser Notable […]

Lind Equipment Beacon LED Tower Light

Lind Equipment Beacon LED Tower Light

Lind’s Beacon Infinity Light is a great solution to put a lot of light on your workspace. But when you need to put a ton of light on your entire worksite, the Lind Equipment Beacon LED Tower Light can bathe it in 120,000 lumens of energy-sipping LED light. This line of four lights boasts an […]