Milwaukee Redlithium USB Stick Light 2128-22 Review

Milwaukee Redlithium USB Stick Light Review

Milwaukee Redlithium USB Stick Light Has A Multitude of Uses

Working in tight spaces is challenging enough without fighting with your light source. Some can’t direct the light where you need it, some are too bright, and others can’t fit into the space in the first place. These are a few of the pain points Milwaukee targeted with the Redlithium USB Stick Light and we had the opportunity to try it out for ourselves.

Using the Milwaukee Redlithium USB Stick Light

Output and Modes

Milwaukee Redlithium USB Stick Light Review

The Milwaukee 2128 has a somewhat unusual design, but it’s purpose-built for a variety of inspection and assessment tasks. It’s capable of putting out up to 550 lumens and each of its four modes has high and low output modes.


The main light bars are on opposite sides of one another. You can cycle between the two sides or use both at once. The fourth mode is a single beam on the top edge. Press the round power button to turn the light on, the middle button to cycle through modes, and the top button to switch between high and low output.


As usual, Milwaukee goes with its TrueView high-definition output. If you’re not familiar with TrueView, it’s slightly on the warm side and makes colors proper color identification easier.

The head pivots 220°. It doesn’t twist, though. That’s okay because your mounting options takes care of it. Standing on its base, you can turn the light in any direction. The same goes for using the magnet in the base. The integrated metal hook also rotates 360°, so there’s not a situation where you can’t turn the light where you need it.

Magnet and Hook

When it comes to runtime, expect about 2 hours with the light on high output.


Milwaukee Redlithium USB Stick Light Charging Dock

Like other Milwaukee Redlithium USB lights, there’s an onboard charging port. Newer models such as the Stick Light use a USB-C connection and Milwaukee includes a cord in case you don’t have one.

What’s very different is the optional charging dock. You can magnetically connect the light directly to it for charging or put the battery in a slot specifically for it. More significantly, you can be charging a spare battery and the light on the same unit, ensuring you can start the day with two fully-charged batteries.

The dock can sit on a flat surface, install using the keyholes on the back, or stick to a ferrous surface with the magnets built into the back. That’s particularly helpful in automotive shops where the majority of tool storage is steel boxes.

Additional Highlights

  • Chemical-resistant to common jobsite and shop chemicals
  • Impact rated up to 6 feet
  • IP54 ingress rating against dust and water
  • Battery level indicator built into the power button

Milwaukee Redlithium USB Stick Light Price

You can get the Milwaukee 2128 with or without the charging dock. Either way, you get a battery and charging cord. Without the charging dock (2128-21), it’s $99.99. The kit with the charging dock (2128-22) is $159.99.

Milwaukee backs the light with a limited lifetime warranty (tool only).

The Bottom Line

Milwaukee designed the Redlithium USB Stick Light to operate in tight spaces and it’s amazing in that role. Its ability to get light where you need it along with output levels that are appropriate for close-up work make it a must-have for automotive, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, VDV, and many other trades.

Check out Milwaukee’s entire lighting options here!

Milwaukee Redlithium USB Stick Light Specifications

  • Model: Milwaukee 2128-22
  • Power Source: Milwaukee Redlithium USB battery
  • Output: 550 lumens
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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