Work Flashlight & Headlamp Reviews & Buying Guides

If you can’t see, you can’t work. Tools like flashlights and headlamps might get overlooked from time to time. We make sure we bring in a good sampling from across the industry to help you choose the best solutions when working as a tradesman. Some of our favorite developments have to do with longer-lasting rechargeable lights that don’t require constant battery changes. We also value better color temperatures which certain manufacturers have made available. These help electricians properly identify low voltage cables by color when wiring up these systems. For HVAC professionals, advanced headlamp technology promises more comfortable lighting for use in dark areas, attics, garages, and closets. Overall, flashlights and headlamps have seen great improvements to provide more safety and convenience for tradespeople.

Spotlight Shifter 2.0 LED Flashlight Review

Spotlight Shifter 2.0 LED Flashlight Review

The Spotlight Shifter 2.0 has the makings of an exceptional and compact LED flashlight. Its narrow body, long run-time, and easy-to-adjust beam make for a product that will have decent appeal to the masses. The Shifter 2.0 uses a pair of standard AAA batteries to power its LED lamp at up to 110 lumens of output. It also features a Reflector Lens System (RLS) which lets you direct the light output in either spot or beam mode by simply twisting the front of the flashlight.

Outback Big Stick, Mongo & Joey LED Flashlight Review

Outback Big Stick Flashlight Review

Outback Flashlights just came out with three new models of super power flashlights; Big Stick, Mongo & Joey. These lights feature Cree LED light sources and put out up to 120 Lumens of light. Not only do they really shine bright, they also feature quality anodized aluminum construction, gasketed joints and will not break the bank.

Ryobi RP4400 Tek4 High Intensity LED Flashlight Review

Ryobi RP4400 Tek4 LED Flashlight Review

its Tek4 4400 High Intensity LED Flashlight. While not as bright as a competing 12V version we handled from a competitor, it’s also just half the price – and half the weight! The Tek4 4400 weighs in at just under 7 ounces and will run for 6 hours straight. That’s one heck of a worklight! The light turns on by twisting the neck of the flash light. It’s pretty much all or nothing. We liked the light output we got from this work light. It was bright and a more-or-less “white” light, whereas incandescents are typically a very “yellow” white.