CRKT Sting 3B by A.G. Russell

CRKT Sting 3B

Just in case my love for them might be waning (and it’s not, by the way), CRKT surprised me with a new knife to share with you. This time, it’s the Sting 3B by A.G. Russell. This fixed blade beauty is design to be a tactical and survival knife. I took a look at the pictures online, but they really don’t do justice to this piece.

The classic fixed blade knife eliminates the need for springs and bearing, but comes at a cost of more length. This often makes them awkward to carry around when you’d like to be discrete. Compared to my beloved CRKT Fossil, the Sting 3B is longer than the closed folder, yet shorter when opened. Despite giving up about 1.6 inches in total length to my favorite EDC, the business end is only about 1/2 an inch shorter. Then there’s the weight. The Sting 3B is very light at just 1.8 ounces. That’s much lighter than the 6.1 ounces of my Fossil.

CRKT Sting 3B

That’s enough comparison though, the CRKT Fossil is an EDC, not tactical/survival like the Sting 3B. This of course, is why it is designed to be so very different from the EDC you’re likely carrying. The blade is a solid 8CR13MoV steel blend that is sharpened to a dual sided spear tip. It’s razor sharp out of the box. The single piece of steel is a full tang with a G-10 overlay for the handle. A hole in the middle provides a secure point for your thumb on your grip and has the dual function of locking into the sheath. A second hole at the base holds a braided cord. You could conceivably use it to attach the knife to a small carabiner or clip, but the quality of the sheath makes it much more functional attached to your person.


Don’t let the weight of the Sting 3B fool you. It is a very solid design. The thin nature of the blade does allow for a little bend if you put pressure on it. This certainly won’t affect the ability to use it tactically though.

The glass filled nylon sheath is a winner. The blade locks snugly in place using a pair of tabs that extend up from the end. The reversible clip is substantial. Unlike many clips that will bend out easily if you catch it on a door frame, it will take a lot more force to bend. I wasn’t entirely sure about the idea of flipping the clip and using a tip down carry with this. The blade locks in so well though, that I wouldn’t hesitate to us it in this fashion. There are several potential carry locations that a tip down orientation would provide easier access and deployment.

CRKT Sting 3B

The clip will pretty much allow you to carry the Sting 3B anywhere you’d like. All positions around the belt and waistband work great, inside or out. The overall length is short enough to comfortably carry it on your boot, jacket, backpack strap, or even on a holster strap.

The final piece of the Sting 3B is the braided cord. It immediately sets the knife apart so that it is not mistaken as a throwing knife. You can also work the braid loose for survival situations that call for cord.

When holding the Sting 3B, there are just a couple of realistic grips you can use. A forward grip with the thumb in the thumb hole will prove the most natural feel and secure grip. A reverse grip is possible. I found that it took some time to achieve a reverse grip in a way that the knife felt secure enough to use defensively. For the majority of users, the forward grip will be the way to go.

CRKT Sting 3B

Part of me would like to see the Sting 3B grow another 3/4 of an inch to fully fit in my hand. At the same time, the current size allows for discrete carrying and the grip is still more than adequate. At a price point that doesn’t break the bank, this is a great purchase for the outdoorsman or as a defensive carry option. With Christmas right around the corner, the Sting 3B makes an awesome stocking stuffer for your favorite outdoor or tactical enthusiast. If you want one of the blades marked “First Production”, you need to get on it. Only the first 4,000 have been given this designation.

Sting 3B SpecificationsCRKT Sting 3B

  • Knife Type: Fixed Blade
  • Designer: A.G. Russell
  • Use: Tactical, Survival
  • Blade Edge: Dual Plain
  • Blade Steel: 8Cr13MoV, 56 – 58 HRC
  • Blade Thickness: 0.21″
  • Blade Finish: Satin
  • Blade Length: 3.42″
  • Overall Length: 7.19″
  • Weight: 1.8 ounces
  • MSRP: $59.99 (currently $44.95 through A.G. Russell)
  • Availability: A.G. Russell Exclusive through June 2015

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