Green Machine 655 CFM Battery-Powered Leaf Blower Review

Green Machine 655 CFM Battery-Powered Leaf Blower Review

Green Machine Battery-Powered Blower Throws Its Hat In The Ring

Green Machine is a relatively new brand you might have noticed as you browse Home Depot’s website. It’s a 62V system that covers the basic range of what homeowners need to keep their lawns up to par. We brought in the Green Machine 655 CFM battery-powered leaf blower to see what it has to offer.

Green Machine 655 CFM Leaf Blower Performance Design

Physical Design

Green Machine 655 CFM Battery-Powered Leaf Blower Review

Green Machine takes on the popular and more efficient inline jet fan design. By pulling air in from the back and shooting it straight out, it eliminates the air friction of sending through a 90° bend the way side-intake models do.

Weight and Balance

Green Machine 655 CFM Battery-Powered Leaf Blower Review

By itself, the blower weighs 4.9 pounds and a 4.0Ah battery brings the entire package up to 7.9 pounds. Combined with excellent balance that has a natural downward tilt, it’s very easy to manage.

Additional Highlights

  • Battery is compatible with all Green Machine 62V tools

Green Machine 655 CFM Leaf Blower Performance


The controls consist of a non-variable trigger that works with a variable speed dial to control the power level. When you need the most power, hit the Turbo button to get stubborn debris moving.

Blowing Force

On paper, the blower is capable of producing 655 CFM and 123 MPH. We set up our force meter to see what they combine to create. In high, our meter registered 12.5 Newtons. That kicked up to 16.8 Newtons using the Turbo button. To put that in perspective, gas handheld blowers designed for homeowners usually top out around 12 Newtons.


Green Machine 5.0Ah Battery

At low speed, Green Machine tells us to expect up to 100 minutes of blowing from the 4.0Ah battery that comes in the kit. We tested it in high and were able to blow continuously for 16 minutes and 45 seconds. In Turbo mode, we got 12 minutes and 9 seconds.

Noise Levels

One of the big draws of a battery-powered blower is the lower noise level. Measuring from our operator’s ear, we registered the noise level at 93 decibels in high and 95 decibels in Turbo. Comparatively, handheld gas blowers can run over 100 decibels in the same test.

Green Machine 655 CFM Leaf Blower Price

Green Machine’s blower is an online Home Depot exclusive. It runs $249 and includes a 4.0Ah battery and rapid charger. They’ll ship to your home or your local Home Depot for free.

Green Machine backs the blower with a 5-year warranty and the battery with a 3-year guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The Green Machine 655 CFM leaf blower has the power to exceed that of handheld gas blowers and its design is easy for homeowners to manage. Settling into the gap between the price of high-performance and high-value models, it might be the “just right” you’re looking for.


  • Model: Green Machine GM500801
  • Power Source: Green Machine 62V battery
  • Max Airspeed: 123 MPH
  • Max Airflow: 655 CFM
  • Weight: 4.85 pounds
  • Price: $249 with 4.0Ah battery and charger
  • Warranty: 5 years on the blower, 3 years on the battery

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