Greenworks 60V 450 CFM Battery-Powered Leaf Blower Review

Greenworks 60V 450 CFM Battery-Powered Leaf Blower Review

Greenworks 450 CFM Leaf Blower Offers A Lower Cost Option For Homeowners

The battery-powered leaf blower wars are going strong, but not everyone needs the most power available. We got our hands on the Greenworks 450 CFM battery-powered leaf blower to help you decide if this lower-cost option is a good fit for your lawn.

Greenworks 60V 450 CFM Leaf Blower Performance

Greenworks 60V 450 CFM Battery-Powered Leaf Blower Review

On paper, this Greenworks blower can produce up to 125 MPH and 450 CFM. We set up our force meter and measured 7.4 Newtons on high and 10.2 Newtons with the Turbo mode.

This is on the lower end of the scale compared to the pricey top performers that are out there. Compared to gas blowers, it’s a little less than we expect from a 25cc gas engine.

At that level, it does its best work with dry post-mowing cleanup on your sidewalks and driveway and can help you corral those dry broadleaves in the falls. It’s also a good fit for blowing off your lawn equipment when you’re finished mowing and blowing out the shop or garage.

Greenworks 2.0Ah Battery

The runtime matches those tasks well. Using a 2.0Ah battery, we ran the blower continuously for 17 minutes and 24 seconds on high, and 10 minutes 46 seconds in turbo mode. At the lowest speed, expect to run up to 45 minutes.

Greenworks 60V 450 CFM Leaf Blower Design Notes



The same basic control setup that you find on Greenworks’ higher-powered blowers is on this model as well. There’s a variable speed two-finger trigger along with a cruise control lever on the side. Above the handle, there’s a turbo button you can press when you need the most blowing force to get stubborn debris moving.

Size and Weight

Greenworks 60V 450 CFM Battery-Powered Leaf Blower Review

The Greenworks 60V 450 CFM leaf blower is longer than many of the other options you have and that’s a good thing in this case. The longer nozzle keeps the air concentrated closer to the ground and helps make the most of its blowing force.

The weight is very manageable. Bare, it weighs 5.3 pounds and it’s 8.2 pounds when you add the 2.0Ah battery that comes in the kit.

Additional Highlights

  • Metal debris scraper
  • Compatible with all Greenworks 60V batteries

Greenworks 60V 450 CFM Leaf Blower Price

You can get this blower from Tractor Supply for $199.99 and it includes a 2.0Ah battery and charger. If you don’t need the kit, it’s $129.99 as a bare tool from Greenworks’ website. Greenworks back both the tool and battery with a 4-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

Greenworks intentionally dialed back the power on this blower to meet the needs of folks who don’t need the performance of their high-end 700 CFM model. They didn’t skimp on the design, though, and it has many of the same convenient controls and features as the other options in the 60V system. If you don’t need the higher performance, this blower offers a way to save some money while remaining on what we believe is Greenworks’ best overall voltage system for homeowners.


  • Model: Greenworks 2414402
  • Power Source: Greenworks 60V battery
  • Max Airspeed: 125 MPH
  • Max Air Volume: 450 CFM
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds bare, 8.2 pounds with 2.0Ah battery
  • Warranty: 4 years

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