Klein Tools 60113 Hard Hat with Headlamp Review

Klein Tools Hard Hat with Headlamp 60113 Review

Klein Tools Hard Hat Lights the Site with Comfortable Design

Hard hats are one of the most common jobsite PPE requirements right next to safety glasses. There are plenty of options out there that can protect your noggin, but some are better than others. We got our hands, er heads, on a couple of the new Klein Tools 60113 hard hat models to see what we think of their design and comfort.


  • Comfortable padded suspension
  • Easy-to-adjust ratcheting size dial
  • Integrated headlamp slot (tested model includes headlamp)
  • Vented style makes hot weather more bearable


  • No major drawbacks

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Klein Tools 60113 Hard Hat

Options and Sizing

Right off the bat, you have options. Vented or non-vented, cap style or full brim, white or orange, headlamp or none. For my needs and climate, I’m going with the vented white cap style with a headlamp. It’s the Klein 60113 if you want to look it up by item number. When it comes to sizing, these fit size 6-1/2 to size 8 heads (54 – 62 cm). At the moment, there aren’t any other options larger or smaller.

Klein Tools Hard Hat with Headlamp 60113 Review

One important point of difference is that the non-vented models are Class E and the vented ones are Class C.


Let’s talk comfort for starters. Klein uses a floating suspension system that features pads for the top of your head and brow. They’re effective barriers against pressure points and (thankfully) are machine washable. They’re also replaceable when they get to the point that another washing isn’t going to help.

interior padding

The vents on either side allow a little bit of airflow through, but the wind has to be blowing pretty hard or cold to feel it. It’s bigger advantage is allowing the heat your head produces to escape.

adjustable venting

Sometimes, it’s just too cold outside and you don’t want the vents. Rather than switching hard hats, just slide the cover to close them.


Whether you get the Klein Tools hard hat with or without a headlamp, there are clips on both sides. While there may be some scenarios that you want to wear two lights for safety, the main purpose is to let you wear your hard hat backward and get the brim out of the way.

Klein Tools Hard Hat with Headlamp 60113 Review

If that’s what you’d like to do, remove the suspension at its four contact points and reinstall it in reverse and you’re ready to go!

There are other accessory slots on the sides for face shields, hearing protection, and more.

Headlamp Details

The headlamp on the Klein 60113 hard hat is pretty basic but highly functional. It uses 3 AAA batteries for power that last up to 10 hours (6 hours on high). Going with an alkaline power source makes replacement batteries super-easy to get ahold of and more efficient to replace on the fly than waiting for a lithium-ion battery to recharge. It also keeps the cost down.

The light does its best work in close situations with 150 lumens of output on high and 50 on low. High uses a single LED chip in the center and is more of a spot beam, giving you some limited distance light to work with.

Low kicks to two side LED chips that give you more of a flood beam. There’s no option to combine the two.

Klein Tools Hard Hat with Headlamp 60113 Review

The light pivots down around 30º without getting blocked by the brim.

Securing the light is easy. Just slide it into the slot until it clicks into place. It holds securely and with my best twisting and turning efforts, I can’t get it off without breaking the clip completely.

As a bonus, there’s a magnet on the back. It lets you stick it to breaker boxes, utility boxes, or whatever other ferrous metal you might be working around. It’s an extra layer of versatility that I really like.

Klein 60113 Hard Hat Pricing

There are a lot of Klein Tool hard hat options to choose from based on your needs. The model I’m testing (60113) is the white vented cap style with a headlamp. It runs $49.99 online.

The line runs $30–$40 without headlamps or $40–$50 with.

The Bottom Line

The Klein Tools hard hat line is pretty solid from top to bottom. Its standout qualities include integrated headlamp clips, easy size adjustment, and a comfortable suspension. With side slots for other accessories, they make for an easy transition as primary hard hats for many jobs that require one. Just keep in mind the vented models are Class C and the non-vented are Class E when you’re shopping.

Check out our video overview!

Klein Tools Hard Hat Specifications

  • Tested Model: Klein Tools 60113
  • Hard Hat Style: Cap
  • Type: Type 1
  • Class: Class C
  • Standards: ANSI Z89.1-2014, CSA Z94.1-15, EN397: 2012+A1: 2012-Lateral Deformation (LD)
  • Adjustment: Ratchet with pivot
  • Shell Material: PC/ABS
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds
  • Price for Tested Model: $49.99

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