LED Lenser P7.2 Flashlight Review

LED Lenser P7QC
PTR Review
  • Pro Review 8.6

Because of the limits of color changing LED, it's tough to eliminate hot spots in your light throw, but at least the diffuser lens makes it less intense. Battery life (3 hours on high) is average. For value, you get what you're paying for in function and durability, so it's priced right at $90 for what it does. Durability is high with IPX4 protection against water and aluminum construction. The P7QC has a perfect score for innovation with its blend of simple to use design and quad color LED.

Overall Score 8.6 (out of 10)

LED Lenser P7.2 Designed for Outdoorsmen

The LED Lenser P7.2 flashlight updates the P7 and features 4 LED light colors: white, blue, green, and red. Its lens uses a prism diffuser that also gives a broader throw. Smart Light Basic Technology lets users go between High, Low, and Defense Strobe modes with sequential full or half clicks.

The LED Lenser P7.2 runs on 4 AAA batteries and puts out 220 lumens in high power mode. Its max luminous range is 60 meters, and you can expect to get about 3 hours of light at high. It is water resistant to the IPX4 standard. It comes standard with a lanyard and nylon holster.

LED Lenser P7.2 flashlight

Why the Need for Four Colors?

When the Led Lenser P7QC showed up, my first question was “What do I need four colors for?” White light I get, it’s the color that will lend itself to seeing the best at night. Objects appear natural in color and it is closer to the sunlight that our eyes are used to during the day.

LED Lenser P7.2 beam

Red I’ve actually used before. When night fishing, the red color doesn’t spook the fish at night (particularly those finicky trout) and it is gentle enough that you won’t ruin your night vision with it. This is also why red is a common light color used on vehicle dashboards. Red light is good in any situation where you need to keep your night vision from being compromised or you’re simply trying not to bother other people with a bright light.

LED Lenser P7QC

Blue and green I really wasn’t too sure about. As some you already know, blue is very popular for following blood trails at night. I know that we’re all following the hunting rules regarding daylight hours, but sometimes your prey runs far enough that you are still tracking after dark. Military and law enforcement will find this applicable to them as well. Blue also penetrates very well, making it a great choice in heavy fog.

LED Lenser P7QC

Green light, as it turns out, is even more effective than red when it comes to fishing. Unless looking at it straight on, the green beam is difficult to see. You’ll also notice that green is the color of choice in night vision enhancement due to the fact that it increases contrast without being as intense as white light.

LED Lenser P7QC

LED Lenser P7.2 Function

Switching Light Modes on the LED Lenser P7.2 Flashlight

There are two main features of the LED Lenser P7.2 flashlight – Basic Smart Light Technology and four color choices. With Basic Smart Light Technology, switching between High, Low, and Defense Strobe modes is accomplished with sequential series of clicks on the power button. You’ll find the red rubberized button on the base of the flashlight. A full click will put the light in High mode. Turn it off and back on to get to Low mode. One more click off and on will put it in Defense Strobe.

LED Lenser P7QC

That’s great, but it actually goes a little bit further. You can also use half clicks to cycle through the three modes. Holding the button at a half click will leave the light on for as long as you keep pressure on it. The only negative to this is that if you wanted to signal someone through a specific pattern like Morse Code, you will still be cycling through the three light modes.

LED Lenser P7.2 – Color Change Comes at a Cost

Changing colors is very easy. Simply twist the head of the P7.2 flashlight and you’ll feel positive stops at each of the four color indicators on the body. The action doesn’t switch out colored filters that dim the light, rather it changes the color of the LED itself.  Whether you rotate the head or the body, there is a hot spot moves slightly as you change colors and there is a little bit of ambient spillover.

4-color indicators

The hot spot can be annoying in flashlights, but it’s expected with an LED color change. To change from white to blue, green, and red, there actually have to be separate components for each color combined into the light source. It’s not simply a matter of changing voltage, for example. A micro-controller directs the current from one LED to another, which happens to be in a different position creating the expected travelling hot spot.

The LED Lenser P7QC has a prism diffuser lens and is not adjustable for focusing the throw. The diffused lens spreads out the 200 lumens of output to a broader area and offers a throw of 60 meters for closer applications. Presumably, the lens also helps to make the hot spot a little less intense as its light is diffused as well.

diffused front flashlight lens

A Quick Word About the Holster

The LED Lenser P7QC comes with a heavy duty nylon holster. A hole in the bottom allows the lanyard to come through and still be functional. The light is secured using a Velcro flap closure. The holster can be attached to a variety of places. The combination of Velcro and button snap allows it to be securely fastened to your belt, gun strap, backpack strap, or other locations that are convenient to reach.

sturdy flashlight carrying case with belt loop

LED Lenser P7.2 Pricing and Additional Features

  • 4 Color LED: white, blue, green, red
  • Prism Diffuser
  • 3 Modes: High, Low, Strobe
  • Smart Light Basic Technology

Pick up the LED Lenser P7.2 Flashlight for around $44 at Acme Tools.

LED Lenser P7.2 Conclusions

The LED Lenser P7.2 has several features that outdoorsmen will love. The simple function of the light and the ability to change color without a light-reducing filter are huge pluses. The ability to change between white, blue, green, and red LED lights will benefit hunters and fishermen as well as those needing a solution for close proximity tactical situations that won’t hurt night vision. Users will appreciate the security of the holster’s Velcro and button snap when attaching it for easy reach.

LED Lenser P7QC

Users that are annoyed by hot spots on their flashlight may want to look for another option. Just keep in mind that this is a limit in the way color change LED currently works, not in LED Lenser’s design. Likewise, the Basic Smart Light Technology could be a hindrance for a user that is expecting their flashlight to be available as a morse code or patterned signal device.

Aside from those two specific scenarios, the LED Lenser P7QC is a great fit for most close proximity outdoor activities. Users will appreciate the security of the holster’s Velcro and button snap when attaching it for easy reach.

LED Lenser P7QC Specs

  • Power Supply: 4 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Luminous Output: 220 lumens (high), 40 lumens (low)
  • Max Luminous Range: 60 meters
  • Luminous Period (Run Time): 3 hours (high), 25 hours (low)
  • Water Resistance: IPX4
  • Weight: 6.2 ounces
  • Length: 5.23 inches
  • Warranty: 5-year limited
  • Price: $90

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