April 23, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: Irwin

Irwin Multi-Purpose Vise review

Irwin Multi-Purpose Vise Review | Model 4935505

Versatile Irwin Multi-Purpose Vise Hits a Sweet Price Point When you need a third hand, a vise is your best friend in the entire world. That’s a frequent need in our shop and in the field, so we brought in the sub-$100 Irwin Multi-Purpose Vise to see what this wallet-friendly model has to offer. Budget-Friendly […]

Irwin Marathon Circular Saw Blade Review

Irwin Marathon Circular Saw Blade Review

In our ongoing search for the best blade for your circular saw, we come to the popular Irwin Marathon circular saw blade. A lot of our Pros swear by Diablo while Makita has been making excellent blades for a long time and Milwaukee recently got in the game with a premium line. We ran the […]