Metabo 6.5-in Metal Cutting Track Saw – MKS 18 LTX 58 Circular Saw

Metabo Metal Cutting Circular Saw

The Metabo MKS 18 LTX 58 6.5-in Metal Cutting Circular Saw looks like a tweaked version of their KS 18 LTX 57 saw. It’s also a cordless metal-cutting track saw. Let that sink in for a minute! For metal cutting applications, Metabo looks to have made several key changes. The Metabo metal-cutting saw captures metal filings in an onboard chip box. The tool also works with their FS 80 (31-in.) and FS 160 (63-in.) guide rails. Metabo actually makes rails up to 122-inches if you can find them.

Metabo MKS 18 LTX 58 Metal Track Saw First Impressions

The Metabo MKS 18 LTX 58 should work very well for cutting anything from pipes to metal roofing and sheet goods. The tool cuts “cold” using a 40 or 48-tooth blade at 3600. That should deliver spark and mostly burr-free cuts in soft steel. The cast aluminum guard and stainless steel base plate seem well-made and give the saw some heft. Even so, the tool weighs just 8.3 pounds with a 5.5Ah LiHD battery installed.

Metabo MKS 18 LTX 58 Metal Saw

The Metabo 6.5-in metal cutting track saw should catch a majority of debris during cuts since the blade directs them to the onboard chip container. The front of the blade guard uses a translucent plastic. This captures a larger majority of debris while still giving you a nice view for more precise cuts.

Metabo 6.5 inch metal cutting circular saw
Yes, this is a Metabo cordless metal-cutting track saw. It takes their existing circular saw and adds chip catching and a translucent front guard window along with some other tweaks.

The brushless motor stops the blade in less than a second when you release the trigger. That’s what we’ve come to expect from modern circular saws. It’s certainly in line with what we see from other manufacturers.

Metabo Metal Cutting Track Saw Specifications

  • Model: Metabo MKS 18 LTX 58
  • Battery: 18V 5.5Ah LiHD (not included)
  • Max cutting depth (90º): 2.28 in.
  • Arbor: 5/8 in.
  • Saw blade: 6.5 in.
  • Max. cutting speed: 102 ft/min
  • Weight (w/battery): 8.3 lbs.
  • Noise: 97 dB(A) SPL


No matter whether you go with the included 40-tooth steel cut classic blade or the 48-tooth aluminum blade, this tool looks solid. The track or guide rail compatibility steps this tool up in features. Not many manufacturers make cordless metal-cutting saws—almost none make one compatible with tracks. The DeWalt DCS373, for example, lacks a track feature as do the Milwaukee 2782-20, Makita XSC03, and the Bosch CSM180. For cutting sheet goods, roofing panels, etc, the Metabo MKS 18 LTX 58 saw has a huge advantage.

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