Milwaukee M12 Cross Line and 4-Point Laser Review 3624

Milwaukee Cross Line 4-Point Laser

Milwaukee Cross Line 4-Point Laser Takes Accuracy To The Next Level

Milwaukee’s M12 lineup is full of laser levels that fit a wide variety of applications that Pros are likely to encounter on the jobsite. We’re turning our attention to the multi-function Milwaukee M12 Cross Line and 4-Point Laser Level. It offers a little more versatility than its multi-plane counterparts—So, is this the all-in-one solution you’ve been searching for?

Milwaukee Cross Line 4-Point Laser Performance

  • Working Range: 125 ft.
  • Range with Detector: 165 ft.
  • Accuracy: +/- 1/8 in. at 33 ft.
  • Self Leveling Accuracy: +/- 4°
  • Max Horizontal Fan Angle: 210°
  • Max Vertical Fan Angle: 165°
  • Runtime: 9 hrs.

The Milwaukee M12 3624 pulls double duty for both squaring applications and transferring reference points from floor to ceiling or wall to wall. It’s a handy tool for ensuring walls are plumb, or even aligning wall-to-wall furniture in your home or office.

Milwaukee Cross Line 4-Point Laser

The real benefit here is that you won’t have to swap out lasers between tasks which increases the chance of losing your original point of reference. Ultimately, this laser helps to improve your overall accuracy by eliminating the need for extra movements.

This laser level features three modes that alternate between vertical, horizontal, and cross line laser projection. Its high-intensity green laser has an effective range of 165 feet when used with a detector and the 3.0Ah battery gives you around 9 hours of total runtime.

Milwaukee Cross Line 4-Point Laser

Accuracy is also worth noting on this laser. Milwaukee is accurate up to ±1/8-inch at 33 feet and the self-leveling feature can pivot up to 4° for use on uneven surfaces.

Milwaukee Cross Line 4-Point Laser Design Notes

  • Model: Milwaukee 3624
  • Power Source: Milwaukee M12 battery
  • Impact Rating: 1m
  • Weather Rating: IP54
  • Threaded Mounts: 1/4-20, 5/8-11
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs. (bare), 2.8 lbs. (with 3.0Ah battery)
Milwaukee Cross Line 4-Point Laser

The Milwaukee 3624 is fairly compact and streamlined compared to some others on the market. It tips the scales at 2.8 pounds with the kitted 3.0Ah battery and stands 5-3/4 inches tall. The 360° swiveling base features four amplified rare earth magnets for mounting on steel beams as well as two threaded mounting points for use with a tripod.

Milwaukee Cross Line 4-Point Laser

Another major highlight is a fine adjustment knob. Once you get the vertical beam close to where you want it, use the adjustment knob to dial it in precisely. The really nice thing is that adjusting the vertical beam doesn’t change the plumb spot you’re lining up with, which is a huge time-saver.

Additional Features

  • Keyhole mounting point
  • Compatible with all Milwaukee M12 batteries

Milwaukee Cross Line 4-Point Laser Price

This Milwaukee M12 laser is available as a bare tool for $499 and in a kit configuration for $549. Both options include a hardshell carrying case for easy storage. The kit includes a single M12 3.0Ah battery, charger, and a responsive laser alignment target for fast and reliable alignment feedback. Milwaukee backs this laser with a 3-year tool warranty while the battery and charger carry a 2-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

The Milwaukee Cross Line and 4-Point Laser is a great option for Pros who simply can’t afford to second guess themselves and want to save time in the process. Its combination of critical layout tools and high visibility is ideal for working over large distances in both residential and industrial environments.

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