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Recently, we spoke to the Chair of the National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA). It was fascinating to research and learn more about the organization and see just why companies such as Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. are working hard to develop new training programs and materials aimed towards this segment of the professional contractors market.

National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA) Mission

Our initial contact with the NHCA came through a program developed in conjunction with Stanley Black & Decker called Hazla en Grande, or “Make it Big”. The NHCA worked hard in conjunction with Stanley Black & Decker to use this as one of the vehicles to educate Hispanic contractors in the use of power tools as well as good business practices that will help them be more successful in the marketplace.

The National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA) is a nonprofit 501(c) organization that is comprised of the following member organizations:

  • Hispanic Contractors Association of Georgia
  • Hispanic Contractors Association of the Carolinas
  • Hispanic American Construction Industry Association (Chicago)
  • Hispanic Contractors of Colorado
  • New Jersey Hispanic Contractors Association
  • Louisiana Hispanic Contractors Association
  • New York State Association of Hispanics in Real Estate and Construction
  • Associated Minority Contractors of America (Arizona)
  • Hispanic Contractors Association of Greater Kansas City
  • Latino Builders Association of Orlando
  • Puerto Rico Chapter of the Association of General Contractors
  • Regional Hispanic Contractors Association of Texas
  • Washington DC Hispanic Contractors Association
  • Hispanic Construction Association of Wisconsin

The Purpose of the NHCA

The NHCA was established to provide the necessary resources to the local and regional chapters to ensure the continued educational, professional, and technical progress of its members while promoting the economic growth, advancement, and equal participation of Hispanic-owned construction businesses in the industry throughout the US. The organization serves as a sort of advocate for achieving sustainable growth, accessing contracting opportunities, and defending its members’ rights. They have three key objectives:

  1. Unification and Representation
    The National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA) wants to become the national representative for the previously fragmented individual state chapters. They also, however, want to serve as a focal point and a go-to resource for Hispanic contractors in the US. As an umbrella entity, they can then work to develop strong government relations and expand lobbying efforts. This will enable them the ability to serve as an advocate for equal opportunity bidding for Hispanic-owned construction businesses in government or commercial contracting.
  2. Serve State Chapters with Resources
    The NHCA organization desires to help state chapters reach long-term success & positioning within the construction industry. By providing the necessary resources for the local chapters to be successful and attractive to their target market, the NHCA hopes to grow Hispanic contracting jobs awarded each year within this demographic. To facilitate this, the NHCA wants to provide cutting-edge education, technical programs, and training in the construction industry as well as search for ultimate industry trends in an effort to stay ahead of the curve.
  3. Inform & Educate
    By becoming a primary source of information for the Hispanic construction community in the United States, the NHCA can set itself up as the point source for disseminating information and material for the education of its members. The organization can also develop strategic alliances with public and private agencies and specialized media for industry research. They can offer to provide several communication channels for their members, such as the website, an e-newsletter, and printed materials as well as on-site information at NHCA facilities, local associated organizations, and planning rooms.

National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA) Board of Directors

The National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA) held a Legislative Symposium and swore in its Board of Directors. The group, which is comprised of a representative body of all the various local, state, and regional Hispanic American and migrant contractors associations located throughout the United States, had some of the top leaders and experts from around the country attend the event which focused on the theme “The Obstacles For Economic Recovery for Hispanic Contractors” and featured a panel of experts from the construction, building and real estate industries who highlighted the crucial issues facing Latinos in these industries.

The panel consisted of Shailen Bhatt, Associate Administrator for Policy and Government Affairs of the United States Department of Transportation; Lynn Schubert of the Surety and Fidelity Association of America; Ken Simonson who is the Chief Economist of the Associated General Contractors of America; David Merrick from the National Association of Remodeling Industry and Joseph Loddo, Associate Administrator of the United States Small Business Administration (SBA). The panel was moderated by Peter Granillo, the NHCA Treasurer and President of the Associated Minority Contractors Association, Arizona Chapter.

The current board includes chairman John H. Martinez-D., Treasurer Victor Seijas, Alexis Pena, and NHCA’s immediate past chair Maria Patricia Corrales.

For More Info

For more information about the National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA) please visit the website or call 202-538-2350.

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