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Rick Owen

I’m hoping that Craftsman is upgraded in quality to an advanced DIYer/entry level pro. That market to me it seems to be lacking in offerings. Big power tools like band saws, larger capacity table saws, drill presses and such are either home owner quality like Ryobi or high end like Powermatic or better. There are online products that fit the market I’m referring to but to be able to put “hands on” in a store is very beneficial in my opinion. I can’t afford MAC tools or the Powermatics but I can afford a better grade than homeowners tools that… Read more »

P.G. K

Wow, that is pretty big news. I usually go for budget tools because that’s the bracket I live in so I have plenty of Stanley, B&D and Craftsman tools in my collection. I do hope they choose to keep the Craftsman name even though it’ll technically be of the same company. I have a Craftsman ratchet/socket set that means more to me now. Bringing the manufacturing back to the U.S. would be even better. I’ll support anyone who does that. I’m a diy guy and usually can’t afford to pick and choose too much but I’d be glad to pay… Read more »