Arctic Cove Your On Demand Cold Front – Introducing

Just as the country is thawing out from the last cold fronts of this miserable winter and getting ready for the warmth of summer to take over, Arctic Cove is taking over your local Home Depot. Here in sunny Florida, we’ve already had a few days where the temperatures crept up to 90 degrees and I just finished a triathlon featuring a 13 mile run that some of these products would have been more then welcome on. While I don’t have the time to give a thorough introduction to every product in this new line and brand, here’s an overview of what you can expect to be hitting store shelves this spring.

Arctic Cove Cooling Bandana/Towel

Made from an advanced PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) material, these products feature some of the very same technology that is built in to the clothing I use for triathlon. The PVA has a cooling effect when it comes into contact with water, so simply soak it for a minute and put it on. When the cooling effect wears off, soak it again and you’re good to go. The bandana should run $3.99 while the towel is expected to be $9.99.

Arctic Cove Tripod Misting Stand


This portable mister features an adjustable height and attaches to a garden hose. In addition to its benefit as a personal mister, it can also be used as a mister for your plants. This will cost you $38.78 at Home Depot.

Arctic Cove Portable Evaporative Coooler 350/500/700

These units feature an on board water tank that is removable for easier refills and less mess. The 350 CFM unit cools up to 175 square feet and runs $189. At 500 CFM’s, the mid size unit cools an area of 350 square feet and will set you back $219. The largest of the crew at 700 CFM cools 500 square feet and will seel for $249.

Big Chill Personal Stand Mister/Cool Twist Flexible Mister/Flexible Clamp Mister

These cousins are designed to mist a smaller area for a single person rather than the large areas that the Evaporative Coolers cover. They both connect to a standard garden hose for water supply. The Big Chill Personal Stand Mister will be $12.97 when it hits store shelves. The Cool Twist Flexible Mister features the ability to be twisted into different positions to maximize the user’s ability to direct the spray. It will run $17.97. The Flexible Clamp Mister will sell for $12.97 and clamps to most outdoor furniture and grills while the nozzle end is flexible to direct spray where it is needed.

Arctic Cove 3-Speed Oscillating Misting Fan


The name says it all: 3 speeds, oscillating motion, and misting ring are the big features of this all metal construction fan. It attaches to a standard garden hose and will be $99.97.

Bottle Top Mister/Personal Misting Bottle/Battery Powered Personal Misting Bottle

These hand held options for personal cooling are easy to take anywhere – watching the Boys of Summer on the baseball diamond, hosting the backyard barbecue, hiking one of our state parks, or anywhere else you can think of. The Bottle Top Mister runs on 3 AA batteries that are included and fits most water bottles you purchase at the grocery store. It will sell for $9.97. The Personal Misting Bottle and Battery Operated version both feature a 16 ounce bottle. The Battery Operated Personal Misting Bottle runs on a 4V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery and should last for 8 refills before needing to be recharged. It’s the most expensive of this part of the family at $19.97. The non-electric family member features a and pump that pressurizes the bottle for misting. It’ll sell for $12.97.

Arctic Cove 18 Volt Bucket Top Mister


I love when tools make good use of the 5-gallon bucket, but this one has to be my favorite. The Bucket Top Mister is designed to sit on top of most 5 gallon buckets that are used as a water source, but can also be connected to a standard garden hose if a bucket is not available. It runs on an 18 volt battery and is compatible with the Ryobi One+ 18V system. In fact, the fan is essentially a Ryobi 18V One Plus Hybrid Fan (why improve upon perfection?). It comes with a 1.3 amp hour battery and 6 hour charger for up to 2 hours of cooling, but using a 4 amp hour Ryobi One+ Lithium-ion battery will get you close to 7 hours of run time. The system will be selling for $99.97.

The Arctic Cove lineup is being sold exclusively at The Home Depot. For more information, take a look at Arctic Cove’s website or visit their YouTube channel.

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