Blade Left Vs Blade Right Circular Saw Video

Blade Left Vs Blade Right Circular Saw Video

Blade left vs blade right circular saw – it’s a debate that stems back to the day we first had a choice. Most of have a preference because there’s simply one or the other that feels more natural to us. But is one really better than the other?

Or is it all about being right hand or left hand dominant?

There’s certainly something to hand dominance, but it’s not everything. You also need to consider line of sight, which side of the waste edge you’re cutting on, and whether you’re cutting with one or two hands. There’s even a bit of safety to think about.

Check out the video or head over to our written article for more details on the pros and cons of both styles.

Blade Left Vs Blade Right at a Glance

Blade Left For the Righty

  • Line of Sight: Better since it’s on the blade side
  • Saw Balance: Better since the weight is not on the waste edge
  • Two Hand Cut: Easier since your hands don’t cross over
  • Cut Risk: Higher since your guide hand crosses over the blade

Blade Right for the Righty

  • Line of Sight: Worse since it’s on the motor side
  • Saw Balance: Worse since you’re balancing on the waste edge
  • Two Hand Cut: Tougher since your hands have to cross over
  • Cut Risk: Better since your guide hand doesn’t cross over the blade

And it’s the exact opposite for left-hand users! But while it looks pretty clear that you should choose a blade orientation opposite your dominant hand, that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. Clint and I are both right handed – I go for a blade-left saw and Clint reaches for blade-right. Sometimes it’s just preference.

So are you a blade right or blade left kind of user? Let us know which one and why in the comments below!

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David S

I have always used right blade orientation saws because that is all that was available for years on a sidewinder saw. None of the saws I have ever owned had good line of sight looking at the cut from the left side of the blade through the shoe, so I have always leaned over the saw to see the cut from the right. That practice never really sat well with me, but at least I didn’t have all the sawdust being thrown all over me. I have to disagree though that the motor is on the waste side of the… Read more »

Patrick Kusler

A good carpenter has both right and left. And I don’t need to explain why. They understand.

Wesley Walker

the worst part about a left hand saw is, if you need to shave some off a cut you need to either turn the piece around or move urself as the base won’t be on the supporting timber as too all the cuts it makes. not a fan

Gord Roberts

I like to have two or more saws on a job….if one is set to bevel while the other is at 90 degrees…then it goesxa lot faster. Havibg both left and right handed is great fir cutting rafter and valley jacks on roofs

John Nesbitt

Lefty for me.

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