Bosch V-Groove Diamond Blades

We got to see the Bosch V-Groove diamond blades unveiled at the World of Concrete show back in January (read Clint DeBoer’s article on Bosch at World of Concrete 2014). Featuring an optimized diamond formula, this series of blades was engineered around the concept of concrete fracture/fissure repair and restoration. Bosch tells us that the key to the V-Groove’s performance lies in the metal bond that allows the blade to cut through soft, regular, and hard concrete with fewer blade changes and clean, deep grooves. In fact, Bosch states that these diamond grinder blades will last up to three times longer and deliver twice the speed of competitor’s offerings. They will work with any Bosch grinder including the Bosch AG50-11VSPD Paddle Switch Grinder we reviewed earlier this year.

According to Bosch Project Manager Matt Van, “V-Groove technology is a big step forward for the industry in the important work of concrete restoration. Bosch is the leader in diamond accessories for concrete applications. We take that position seriously and it drives us to look for solutions that go beyond just meeting the need. Our goal is development of superior solutions and V-Groove meets that standard.” At Pro Tool Reviews, we get excited when companies like Bosch use innovation to drive the industry standards beyond the status quo .

Four sizes are offered of the Bosch V-Groove Diamond Blades – 4″, 4-1/2″, 5″, and 7″. There are also three varieties to choose from based on the hardness of the material the user is cutting into as well as a standard round blade for general cutting applications. The standard 7/8″ bore hole fits both small and large angle grinders, so no specialized equipment has to be purchased to use these blades.

Bosch V-Groove blades

The V-Groove Diamond Blades haven’t hit store shelves yet, but looking at the clearance pricing on several websites of the predecessors leads me to believe that they will be here very soon. For more information, visit Bosch’s website.

unnamedBosch V-Groove Diamond Blade Specs

  • Bore Hole: 7/8″
  • Available Blade Diameters for Small Angle Grinders: 4″, 4-1/2″, 5″
  • Available Blade Diameters for Large Angle Grinders: 7″
  • Available Hardness Applications: Concrete/Mortar, Hard Concrete/Hard Mortar, Asphalt/Green Concrete/Soft Mortar
  • Segment Thickness: 0.375″

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