DeWalt Impact Rated Magnetic Screw Lock System

DeWalt impact rated Magnetic Screw Lock system

The DeWalt impact rated Magnetic Screw Lock system combines a pair of innovative impact driver accessories to make fastening duties a bit easier. The DeWALT Impact Ready FlexTorq Bit features precision macined tips that reduce screw stripping. Where this accessory really shines is at its core where it is able to twist 15 degrees to withstand the stress delivered by an impact driver. The bits in the DeWalt impact rated Magnetic Screw Lock system are available in 1″, 2″, 3.5″, and 6″ sizes in a wide variety of standard and specialty geometries.

DeWalt Impact Rated Magnetic Screw Lock System Features

The Magnetic Screw Lock Sleeve slides over a bit to magnetically hold the fastener against the bit tip. Optimized for use with 2″ – 6″ FlexTorq bits, the Screw Lock frees up the hand that is normally concerned with holding the fastener in place.

From DeWalt:

DeWalt FLEXTORQ Bits feaure a 15 degree reflex core, designed to withstand the high torque loads of impacts, flexing to absorb the extra force. A precision-machines tip provides an ideal fit in screw recesses, which reduces stripping of screw heads. FLEXTORQ bits work with the Magnetic Screw Lock System – offering a fastener retention solution for every bit. The sleeve fits on 2″ through 6″ bits, while the 3″ bit tip holder is designed for 1″ bit tips. The RAPID LOAD Holder is ideal for any 1/4″ hex shank accessory.

DeWALT also offers the Magnetic Screw Lock bit tip holder designed for use with the 1″ FlexTorq bit. In addition to holding the fastener to the bit just like the Sleeve, it also offers extra reach and stability. For more information, visit DeWALT’s website or your local DeWALT retailer for more info on the DeWalt impact rated Magnetic Screw Lock system.

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