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Dremel Innovations Portal Aims to Help Inventors

Dremel Innovations Portal Aims to Help Inventors

Are you an inventor? Dremel aims to help you realize your dream. Dremel is launching an Innovations Portal to source new concepts for innovative applications, products or technical solutions from its loyal fan base of enthusiasts, hobbyists and craftspeople.

Dremel has created products for people working on precision projects for nearly 80 years. With its new Innovations Portal it aims to continue its search for innovations from the people who use its tools the most and who want to have the chance to take part in the future development of the brand.

Applications that require an eye for detail, whether creative or DIY orientated, are often needed by, and therefore noticed by, the craftspeople themselves long before any manufacturer, so Dremel is hoping to harness these needs in order to continue to bring innovative and high quality products to the market to assist the Dremel community at large.

If users have an innovative or market-relevant idea and know how to create it, then Dremel is offering an opportunity for those people to get involved with the future creation of that tool or application.

Dremel is also seeking perfect solutions to dust extraction and once again asking craftspeople to submit their ideas. Rewards for ideas are on offer as part of the legal framework surrounding the Innovations Portal and this is all set out clearly at:

About Dremel

Dremel was founded in 1932 by AJ Dremel who introduced the world’s first multitool. Today, it is dedicated to creating and manufacturing high speed rotary tools of the finest quality for consumers engaged in a wide variety of hands-on DIY & creative hobbies, such as, indoor and outdoor home maintenance projects, automotive restoration, woodworking, model building, as well as a multitude of creative projects from jewellery making to scrapbooking. The Dremel core product line is defined by the Dremel multitool, a versatile high speed motor unit which can be used to drive a system of over 150 available Dremel accessories and attachments. Over the years, the Dremel brand has brought other user-friendly products onto the market, such as, glue guns, engravers, clamps, worktables and butane torches. Dremel products make it easier to perform detailed and intricate tasks for any kind of hands-on project. Dremel. Big on Detail. For more information go to our Virtual Press Office located on Dremel is part of the Bosch Group represented in around 50 countries worldwide.

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