Dremel Stylus Updated to Longer Running Li-ion Cells

Dremel Stylus Updated to Longer Running Li-ion Cells

Dremel fans’ much–loved Dremel Stylus cordless rotary tool has gotten an upgrade. Starting this month, new Lithium–ion cells are being installed in all new tools, which offer users a 12 percent longer run time. The Battery amp-hour rating was also increased from 1.0 Ah to 1.3 Ah.

The Dremel Stylus is the only one of Dremel’s rotary tool to feature a T–shaped grip for added precision and control. Instead of the battery being at the back of the tool and its weight creating an unbalanced feel when the tool is being used in the pencil–grip position, the battery on the Stylus is inside the tool’s grip and held in the palm of the user’s hand, making the tool’s center of balance very low and perfect for precision work. Because of its size and shape, it is an ideal tool for intricate projects, including detailed drilling, carving, cleaning, detailed sanding, engraving, cutting and polishing.


  • Battery Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Speed Variable Speed 5,000-25,000 RPM
  • Voltage 7.2V
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Weight (lbs.) 9 oz. / 0.295 kg

Lithium–ion battery technology holds a charge for up to two years in storage, and Lithium–ion batteries are smaller, lighter and last longer than similar voltage nickel–cadmium (Ni–Cd) batteries.

The Dremel Stylus still retails for a suggested price of $69.99 at hardware and home improvement centers nationwide.

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