International Builders Show – Does IBS Need a New Name?

International Builders Show - Does IBS Need a New Name?

We’re getting ready for the 2011 International Builders Show (IBS) in Orlando Florida this year, including handing out our top 5 tools at IBS awards. Each year we hear the same snickers – the same uncomfortableness in our belly that tells us it’s a bit awkward to use simply the “IBS” acronym to discuss where we’re headed. After all, we don’t have that problem with other shows: WOC, CEDIA, E3… No, the NAHB’s IBS either needs a name change or they need a new marketing push. Perhaps some help from a professional tool review website… hey, like us! I can’t help but laugh at the stares and funny looks we get when I tell people I’m going to the IBS Show in Orlando in a couple weeks. “I didn’t realize you had anything wrong with you!” was the funniest response so far (thanks, Mom!)

International Builders Show = IBS

Still don’t get the joke?

Maybe you’ve never known anyone with Irritable Bowl Syndrome. I have. And if you Google “IBS” that’s what you get. About 65 years ago, the NAHB started the International Builders Show. Unfortunately, however, with 16.8 million search results, only a handful are for the building organization. The rest deal with that uncomfortable feeling you get in your belly just before you have to go number two. We went through four full Google pages and there was only one entry for the NAHB annual convention – at the very bottom of page 1.

So what is it? Well, the International Builders’ Show is the largest annual light construction show in the world – over miles and miles of the latest and most advanced building products and services ever assembled. Attendees can see and touch all of the latest innovations for themselves with hands-on demonstrations and working models in over 300 building industry categories at the National Association Home Builders’ annual convention.

I like to think of it as a convenient corner marketplace. It’s where professional contractors, builders and tradesmen can find more builders and more suppliers than anywhere else in the world. We go each year to find out about the products and services that are up and coming and what’s sure to be trend-worthy in the near future.

Anyway, I gotta go… no, not that kind of go… ah, nevermind.

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