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PlaceReady Concrete Mix Announced by Preferred Materials

Preferred Materials, Inc. is answering the construction industry’s call for a new kind of concrete, designed to lower the cost of construction. The Florida company specializing in providing ready mixed concrete, block, and other building materials, recently announced the launch of PlaceReady, a unique, highly flowable concrete product.


PlaceReady is a self-consolidating concrete, which offers unique benefits over conventional ready mixed concrete, including ease of placement, less labor and little or no segregation. Self-consolidating concrete also proves effective for the budget-minded builder. Its liquid-like property allows it to pass freely through narrow openings and congested reinforcement, eliminating the need for mechanical or vibration related costs, and in certain applications, allows the contractor to bypass the need for concrete pumps which reduces associated labor costs.

“It was the easiest concrete I have ever worked with.”

– Jan Natoli, masonry contractor (recently used PlaceReady in a project in St. Petersburg)

PlaceReady seeks to benefit contractors by requiring significantly less manpower and less placement time than conventional concrete. A level surface can easily be achieved with bull floating and final finishing with a hand trowel. PlaceReady’s durability exceeds conventional concrete and offers an excellent form finish. The product has gone through a year of development and is finally being released to dealers and construction professionals for use.


About Preferred Materials, Inc

Preferred Materials, Inc. was formed in 2007 through the acquisition of multiple Florida plants specializing in ready mixed concrete, concrete block, and building materials. With headquarters in Tampa and operations in five key Florida markets, Preferred Materials provides municipalities, developers, architects, engineers, contractors, builders and suppliers a wide variety of construction materials and products. From groundbreaking to ribbon cutting, Preferred Materials is Florida’s one-stop source for choosing the right construction products for efficient and cost-effective production. Website:

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