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Leveraging The Pry Bar Pro Lifehack

We’ve been looking at some non-traditional uses for our core tools. Some are legit Pro-level while others just make the weekend a little easier or more fun. Today, we’re taking a creative look at the tougher-than-nails Flat Bar. It’s a demolition tool used for pulling and prying things apart. It literally takes a beating on a regular basis. But you can give it a break and let it do a job requiring a little more finesse with today’s Pry Bar Pro Lifehack.

 The Pry Bar Pro Lifehack: Hanging a Door

There are countless examples of the importance of form and function in carpentry, but perhaps none more than a door. It partitions, keeps us cool, or warm, or safe. It serves as an integral part of a building’s facade. To work properly, it must hang plumb and level in the rough opening.


But therein lies the challenge: hanging a light door properly can be tough for one person, to say nothing of a solid, heavy door. There has to be some small amount of clearance at the bottom, but lifting the door to the proper height and sinking the fasteners through the hinges simultaneously is a chore. It’s like rubbing your head and patting your stomach if your head weighed 60 pounds and your belly was 6-feet by 3-feet. Ok, maybe not the best metaphorical picture. But the fact remains, it’s tough.

Pry Bar Life Hack

So, using a piece of scrap wood and a pry bar, create a simple first-class lever. Place the uncurved end of the flat bar under the door, with the wood underneath it as the fulcrum, and use your foot to apply downward pressure to the bar and upward pressure to the door. You’ll be able to get just the lift you need to sink the fasteners. Consider using a towel between the bar and door if there’s a chance of marring or denting the edge.

Just be sure to measure twice and mark your installation point to get that first screw in the right place. Once you have that, the rest are much easier.


What are some ways you use a pry bar? If you’re a Pro and you have a pry bar tip, add it in the comments below!


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Evan Goss

Wow that’s a life hack?