Sunday Morning Comics: Bobcat Operator Does the Moonwalk

Sunday Morning Comics: Bobcat Operator Does the Moonwalk

Michael Jackson may no longer be with us, but the Moonwalk is alive and well! Cars.daily.trucks managed to snag this video of what is clearly the most talented Bobcat operator on the planet.

A job site informant who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity says that the operator is currently fielding offers from the DIY Network and Discovery Channel to host his own reality show.

We called up the site super to see what he thinks of his uber-skilled operator. Translating through the fluent cussing from the other end of the line, we got the impression that OSHA has caught wind of the incident and opened an investigation.

According to the new Bobcat Moonwalk website, you can hire this act for your local county fair, back to school bash, or other events for just $500, plus expenses. If you’d like to book him, you’ll need to hurry – Tippecanoe County, Indiana already has him on the calendar for their state fair and Christmas parade.

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