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Sunday Morning Comics: Jumpin’ Jack Flash!

Sunday Morning Comics: Jumpin' Jack Flash

Now that I have some free time on my hands, my redneck friends and I found some inspiration from the good ol’ Dukes of Hazard. If they can jump the General Lee, surely we can get some air on a few vehicles we’re planning on selling for spare parts, right?

We built a dirt ramp using an old Ford tractor with a bucket on the front. That was the easy part.

What took a little longer to figure out was how to get those SUVs to run down the trail straight at full throttle. I figured a 2 x 4 wedged between the pedal and the seat would do the trick for the gas, but that steering was a pain.

First, we tried a one of those anti-theft bars. All that did was keep the vehicle from straying as far as it would without one but it still wouldn’t stay on track. One of the boys had some 50-pound braid for cat fishing around the stumps. That snapped after the first bump.

Finally, I decided enough is enough. I grabbed my nephew’s 4 wheeler helmet that he never uses anyway and got in the front seat. I downed a Rockstar for some extra energy and to steady my nerves. Looking back, it might have made them worse, but I didn’t want to risk another DUI with a shot or three of Kentucky’s finest.

And you know what? 5 seconds later, I had the freedom of flight.

Then I hit the ground.

I don’t really remember anything after that, but the boys showed me the video when they came to visit me in the hospital. I’ll be out in another week or so according to the doc. Check it out for yourself!

Sunday Morning Comics on Pro Tool Reviews is designed to make you laugh at the absurd world we live in by putting a completely made-up twist on what we see. If this post didn’t make you laugh, we’ll feel really bad about it for 5 seconds. Maybe 6.

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