Sunday Morning Comics: More Horsepower than Brains

Sunday Morning Comics: More Horsepower than Brains

Let me tell you a little story called “How I wrecked a McLaren.” See, it all started with a simple trip to the dealer. I dressed up pretty smart, you know, because you don’t want them to throw you off the lot because they think you’re not there to buy a car.

As it turns out, either I look better than I thought in a suit or Cliff the salesman was desperate for a sale (or drunk, or both) and asked me if I wanted to take a test drive.

Um, hell yes!

So he grabs the keys and we head out – he didn’t even ask for my driver’s license!

I’m taking it easy because it’s a McLaren and I’m terrified I’m going to hit a bump too hard and scratch the paint. We take a turn onto a back road where he points just ahead of a speed bump and tells me to punch it right after that so I can feel the acceleration.

Just as I cross 120 MPH laughing maniacally, this old lady turns onto the street on her bike and my instincts kick in. I slam on the brakes and jerk the wheel. You can already see this is going south.

We spin out, jump the curb, and hit the wall. Both airbags pop and I’m trying to decide whether or not to just make a run for it. The only problem is my ’04 Camry is still back at the dealer. So I took the high road and waited while Cliff contemplated his next move.

Fast forward and we’re back at the dealership with a scared stiff Cliff, a sales manager that looks like he’s is going to rip Cliff’s arms off, and me sneaking back to my car. That’s when I see my phone has 8 text messages and 3 voicemails from my boss wondering where I am.

So now Cliff and I are at the park scouring the internet for new jobs and eating the cold pizza I was delivering for their sales meeting 3 hours ago.

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