Sunday Morning Comics: My (Short) Career as a Tile Pro

Sunday Morning Comics: My (Short) Career as a Tile Pro

So I got a new job doing tile work and really liked what I was doing. It’s the problem-solving aspect that really gets me up in the morning. Anyone can tile a perfectly square room where there’s no extra cutting you need to do. But once you get to the edges or have to work around a kitchen island or toilet, things get interesting.

You probably already picked up on the fact that I said I “liked” what I was doing – past tense. Yeah, I got fired. Again.

This one was supposed to be a pretty standard tile job in a local restaurant’s bathroom. Unlike a lot of places, they keep their bathroom pretty clean (even the men’s room) and they picked a genuinely nice color for this remodel.

Everything was coming along just great. Then they asked if I could install the paper towel holder. Why not? It’s easy enough. So they told me the height they wanted it at and that’s where my troubles began.

Keeping to their specified height made the paper towel holder go over the top line of my tile job. So I just added an extra tile to go behind the holder. I thought it looked pretty darn good. Management didn’t. And neither did my boss.

What do you think? It’s not that bad, is it?

Oh, and do you know anyone that’s hiring? I’m thinking truck driving might be my big ticket!

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