Sunday Morning Comics: Sealing the Deal

Sunday Morning Comics: Sealing the Deal

St. Augustine, FL – Toolsbydesign came across what can only be described as an incredible blend of ingenuity and cost savings. A local “very popular” place in St. Augustine, FL is focusing their efforts on bringing their customers a higher quality dining experience. To offset the cost, the owner is looking to cut elsewhere.

When a health inspector threatened to drop them 2 grades for their leaky faucet, employee Tim Schmeical sprang into action with a caulk gun, silicone sealant, and some pipe he snagged from a demolition site on the way into work that morning.

The establishment is currently using Tim’s efforts to their advantage with a new cocktail called “DIY” and T-shirts using the establishment’s logo and “Reuse, Recycle, and Use a **** Ton of Sealant!”

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