October 25, 2021

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Veto Pro Pac LT Laptop Bags

Veto Pro Pac Debuts LT Laptop Bags

We’ve been very impressed with Veto Pro Pac’s line of tool bags, having reviewed both the LC closed bag and the OT-XL open tool bag. The Veto Pro Pac tool bags are renowned for their unique fixed center panel design, durable construction… and weight. Boy are they heavy – but they can take almost any manner of abuse without any real damage to the bag or the contents. What the new Veto Pro Pac LT laptop bags offer is a place to store your laptop and/or iPad. With the rising use of laptops in the field, this really makes a lot of sense and is a welcome addition to the Veto product line. And Veto is even working on the weight issue, re-engineering the components to have the same strength – but doing it with lighter materials.

Veto Pro Pac LT Laptop Bags Features

We really like how Veto laid out this bag. The one side is perfect for traditional tools that you could use as an electrician, estimator, or plumber (to name a few examples). The other side is purely business, giving you a place for both a laptop and an iPad (or regular pad of paper). Since everything is tiered, all of your tools or business products are easily accessible – there’s no digging around and no space is lost or wasted. The Veto Pro Pac LT laptop bags also zipper up to protect everything stored within and the base is still made with that excellent 3mm thick plastic base that means you can set the tool bag right down on whatever surface and not worry about water seeping up in the compartments.

Buy the Veto Pro Pac LT-XL Laptop Bag with 42 Pockets

The carrying strap has been redesigned on these Veto Pro Pac LT laptop bags, and it now stores easily and conveniently on the central handle. That’s a huge improvement over the other models and something we hope makes its way across the line at some point. We’re looking forward to checking out these bags up close and personal, so stay tuned. For $199 it’s not the cheapest tool bag you’ll own, but it may be the most rugged and usable… That’s why Pro Tool Reviews is voting the Veto LT bag “Most likely to sustain a direct attack by a nuclear device.” Hey, it could happen!

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