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Here at Pro Tool Reviews, we cover new products in the outdoor power equipment industry (OPE). With cordless technology driving major OPE manufacturers towards battery, it’s a natural fit. However, we never expected the industry to grow to quite the size that it has. Back in 2016, we started the OPE Reviews website. If you haven’t visited that site yet—take a look. It focuses exclusively on Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews and caters to professional landscapers, arborists, and heavy equipment operators who use these products every day.

OPE Reviews for Pro Landscapers, Arborists, and More

At Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews, you’ll find the news, reviews, and new product info. We provide the same objective reviews from the authors you’re used to, including Clint DeBoer, Chris Boll, Kenny Koehler, and many others. You’ll also find some new names from lawn care, landscaping, arborist, and property maintenance professionals.

Pro Tool Reviews still plans to cover key landscaping products—especially since so much of our audience comes to us as a trusted source of news and reviews. However, it’s at Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews that you’ll get the meatiest content and complete picture of the OPE industry.

Why Launch Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews On Its Own?

Pro Tool Reviews is one of the top sources of reviews and news for professionals in the construction industry. That’s where we want to keep our focus. OPE Reviews lets us branch out into a huge industry with targeted content.

Greenworks 60V Chainsaw OPE Reviews

From tool and product reviews to head to head reviews of commercial-level equipment, OPE Reviews covers the equipment you want to know about. The site lets us dig much deeper into the heart of lawn care, landscaping, and property maintenance.

Two Sites for In-Depth Tool and Equipment Info and Reviews

In short, Pro Tool Reviews plans to continue its rapid growth covering residential and commercial construction while OPE Reviews takes the same approach to the outdoor power equipment industry.

So whether you’re a Professional in construction or OPE, the bottom line is that you’re going to get even more of the best content. This should keep you up to date with the latest developments in your industry. It should also help you make better-informed purchasing decisions.

Trade Show Coverage and New Product Info

One of the ways OPE Reviews stays on top of the industry is through trade show coverage. Through covering events like the GIE Expo, we’re able to keep tabs on the industry. We provide interviews with product managers and engineers about the latest tools and products.

We also shoot videos and test drive the latest mowers, trimmers, chainsaws, and heavy equipment. This includes equipment available to both professionals and consumers. Finally, we present our findings in the form of written and video content through the site and our channel partners.

EGO Power Plus Booth GIE Expo 2015

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