Ryobi AirStike Advantage: No Hose, No Gas, No Worry

Ryobi AirStrike System

We took the opportunity to chat with some of the folks behind the Ryobi AirStrike nailers about what makes them so great. If you’re not familiar with the line, they run on the Ryobi ONE+ 18V platform and don’t require gas cartridges or external air sources to fire. There aren’t many others on the market, and certainly none as popular or successful as this line has been.

The Ryobi AirStrike line currently consists of three nailers: the P325 16 gauge Straight Nailer, P320 18 gauge Brad Nailer, and P360 18 gauge Narrow Crown Stapler. They are available as individual tools, paired kits, and the Ultimate AirStrike Kit with all three models.

How does the AirStrike system deliver the required air compression compared to a compressor powered or gas cartridge nailer?

Traditional pneumatic nailers require a compressor to build and store the air needed to drive nail. It is then delivered through a hose that can often get in the way of the user. Gas cartridge nailers use a flammable gas and a spark to create the energy required to drive nails.  It eliminates the hose, but still requires a consumable gas cartridge. This system is very similar to an internal combustion engine. Ryobi AirStrike nailers use an internal piston to compress enough air to each nail that is to be driven with just an 18V lithium-ion battery.

What are the advantages that Airstrike has over compressor/gas nailers?

Ryobi AirStrike System

We have found two main complaints for gas nailers. First, the fuel cells used to power the nailers are a consumable item.  Our estimation is that an average user will spend up to $500 every year just on replacement fuel cells. AirStrike nailers only require a ONE+ battery which will deliver years of service without repetitive cost. Also, the smell of the spent gas is not pleasant.  When working in enclosed areas, the smell of the spent gas can become very strong.

When speaking with users with compressors we found three main complaints. The Ryobi AirStrike family virtually eliminates the setup time associated with compressor powered nailers.  Instead of spending 15-20 minutes setting up a compressor before starting your work, Ryobi AirStrike allows a user to grab a tool and battery and immediately start their project. Finish nailers are typically used toward the end of the construction process.  This leaves the finish carpenter as generally one of the last tradesmen on the jobsite.  Dragging a dirty hose around a jobsite can scuff or mar finish materials requiring additional work. Also, we all know that compressors can be very loud. Eliminating something like an air compressor from the job site creates a much quieter workplace.

In addition to overcoming these common complaints, all AirStrike tools are part of the Ryobi ONE+ system. This means that the same batteries used on AirStrike tools can be used to power any of the over 50 Ryobi ONE+ tools.

What are the disadvantages or limitations of the Ryobi AirStrike system compared to compressor or gas models?

To this point we have found no limitations to the AirStrike system, the nailers have been able to drive nails efficiently in all common tasks and material types.

What end users do you see replacing compressor/gas cartridge nailers for AirStrike?

Ryobi AirStrike has extended our user base into all categories of the nailer market.  We see a wide range of customers, ranging from DIYers to professional contractors.


Of course, I couldn’t leave without asking if there were any new Ryobi AirStrike nailers on the horizon. I got the simple response that the team is always looking for areas to grow. Personally, I’m hoping that means that we may see a cordless framing nailer and/or cordless pin nailer in the future. Perhaps the former will come if Ryobi decides to introduce a brushless motor into their ONE+ system. Certainly, the technology and power is already there from some of the other smaller pinners and staplers, so perhaps we’ll see some of those as well.

Ryobi AirStrike System

No gas and no hose, greatly reduced noise, no lingering gas combustion smell… there doesn’t seem to be many excuses left not to have these in your arsenal. Even if price is your concern, The Home Depot currently has the Ultimate AirStrike Kit with battery and charger for just $399 through January 31st. If you need just a little more prodding, we’ve already reviewed the Ryobi P320 Brad Nailer and the P360 Narrow Crown Stapler. With all of the tools that are available to us on the market, Pro Tool Reviews Editor-in-Chief, Clint DeBoer asked for just one this past Christmas: The Ryobi Ultimate AirStrike Kit.

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best nailer in use, shoots into all wood types, Nail jams are easily cleared and no more of an issue than other brands. Keep it clean and shoots all day long.

Cheng Liu

If they make a framing nailer and it is as good as the narrow crown stapler it will be an auto-buy for me (assuming I can afford it).


This is the leader in the industry. My brad nailer will shoot into hickory trim. Airstrike is a better system than Senco or Paslode.

I’ve got one works great. Can even use the old style batteries too.

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