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Ryobi Diamond Grit Impact Driver Bits | 20X Life

Ryobi Diamond Grit Impact Driver Bits

Get Up To 20 Times Greater Bit Life With Ryobi Diamond Grit Impact Driver Bits

We’ve seen a lot of innovation on the accessory end of drills and impact drivers over the years. However, DIY and Prosumer brands tend to be a little quieter on that front, letting the premium professional brands make most of the noise. Ryobi Diamond Grit Impact Driver Bits are bucking that trend.

Ryobi Diamond Grit Impact Driver Bits | The Big Deal

The most obvious selling point of these bits is in the name—diamond grit. By adding a diamond grit coating to the top end of the bit, the tips are able to engage fasteners with more friction. According to Ryobi, the blend they use makes for twice the grip strength as standard bits. That means less cam out and damage to the fastener head.

Ryobi Diamond Grit Impact Driver Bits

Diamond grit bits have a feel akin to using a magnetic bit but with a more secure grip once it engages. That hard diamond grit is able to bite into the metal of the fastener, creating that stronger hold.

The diamond grit coating also adds to the overall life of each bit by hardening the tip—a common failure point in metal fastening. It improves as much as 20 times the life compared to standard bits.

While the bits are specifically designed to use in impact drivers, you can also use them in standard drills with no problem.

Options and Prices

There are several kits you can get your hands on that include Ryobi Diamond Grit Impact Driver Bits (other bit types do not have the diamond grit coating).

  • A96501 (5) 1-inch #2 Phillips bits: $4.97
  • A96502 (5) 2-inch #2 Phillips bits: $5.97
  • A96301 (3) 3-inch #2 Phillips bits: $6.97
  • A961203 2-inch 12-piece bit set (Diamond Grit Phillips, square, Torx, and slotted): $9.97
  • A962203 1-inch 22-piece bit set (Diamond Grit Phillips, square, Torx, hex, and slotted): $9.97

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