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Milwaukee M12 and M18 Black, High Visibility Heated Jackets

Milwaukee Black High Visibility Heated Jackets

At the Milwaukee New Tool event, Cole Conrad, tasked with growing the company’s heated jacket business, demoed the newest product. We reviewed the original M12 Heated Jacket remember requesting a black version two years ago, and Milwaukee came through – and then some. The new models include a black jacket and the new High Visibility model. New features include woven fleece into the lining of the jacket to make them naturally warmer – even before adding the M12-generated heat source. The front icon has also been changed to include a hand icon that provides separately zoned heat to the pockets. This is independent from the core heating zones. In this way, the pockets and core can be independently set to high or low heat.

Milwaukee Realtree AP Camo M12 Heated Jacket Review

Milwaukee Realtree AP Camo M12 Heated Jacket Review

We reviewed the Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket earlier this year and found it to be an exceptionally warm, extremely durable and comfortable jacket that withstood a lot of our outdoor testing. The jacket can be purchased as a kit, or as a separate SKU for those who already have a set of M12 batteries and a charger. While we loved the jacket, we thought it would be nice to see Milwaukee offer it in something other than their trademark Red color. Now they do. And it’s camo!

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Heated Jacket Review

Milwaukee Heated Jacket Review

The new Milwaukee 58-38-2011 M12 Cordless Heated Jacket Kit features a water and wind resistant outer soft shell and there are sewn-in carbon fiber heating zones that will ensure that you stay comfortably warm in cold weather. The heat can stay on continuously for up to 6 hours and power for the heating zones comes from a M12 Red Lithium battery that fits inside a small pocket that is located out of the way. This jacket looks great and was comfortable to wear all day long, both on and off the job site. a great addition to the M12 line of tools. It is also demonstrated to us that it is very versatile in a variety of weather conditions thanks to the three built in heating zones and its overall wind and water resistant properties.

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Kit 2331 Preview

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Kit 2331 Preview

One of the oddest, but strangely compelling products we saw at the 2010 Milwaukee New Tools Press Event was their M12 Cordless Heated Jacket. A battery powered jacket? Oh yeah – and why not, with much of the country (our own Florida excepted) having to deal with freezing temperatures, snow and all manner of uncomfortable working environments. While we don’t envision needing this too often in Southern climates, the jacket was really an effective solution that made unique and clever use of the existing M12 battery technology.