Bosch PSJ120 Women’s Heated Jacket


There’s no excuse, we all should have seen this coming when we first put on our 12V PSJ120 Heated Jackets from Bosch. The women in our lives were going to want their own. For some, that meant the women that do a great job on the jobsite. For others, it meant that our significant others took our jackets and wondered when we were going to purchase one for them. Well, the wait is over now that the Bosch PSJ120 Women’s Heated Jacket is now available.

“Last year’s heated jacket was such a success and we had the demand to expand the line-up to accommodate all professionals,” said Jim Bohn, director, product management “and as a result we are pleased to offer a jacket tailored for female professionals with the same high quality look and design for cold job site environments.”

Bosch realizes that these jackets are valuable for more than just the jobsite. Women (and men for that matter) want some style in their outdoor clothing so these have been designed specifically to fit the figure of a lady and for a variety of outdoor activities. The jacket, shell, and lining are constructed from water and wind resistant polyester. It features a full zip, high collar design and three heating zones: two across the chest and one across the back.

PSJ120 Women's Heated Jacket

The BHB120 Battery Holster on the PSJ120 Women’s Heated Jacket is discretely located. It also features USB charging capability for those electronics that we just can’t live without. An all metal belt clip also enables the battery’s use as a charger without the jacket for when temperatures rise.

On low, users can expect about 6 hours of heating from a single 2 amp hour 12 volt battery. The Bosch PSJ120 Women’s Heated Jacket comes in four sizes from small to extra large. The $199 purchase price includes the jacket, battery holster, BAT414 2.0 amp hour 12V battery, and charger. For more information, be sure to check out Bosch’s website.

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