Skilsaw Set to Redefine Brand Identity


Skilsaw Makes Changes to Separate Professional and DIY Lines

Sometimes it’s beneficial to take a look at yourself and decide if you like who are. It’s a great way to look for ways you can improve your image. In the case of a business, this often happens in the form of Re-branding. That’s exactly what Skilsaw is doing by separating the Skilsaw and Skil lines. Skilsaw will now be the brand name for the Bosch subsidiary’s professional line of tools. Skil will be relegated to handle the DIY level tools.

To get the ball rolling in the right direction, Skilsaw rolled out new logos to go along with the new identity. The branding on the new worm drive saws that have been announced is changing as well. Both are instantly recognizable and are a pleasing throwback to the simpler days of yesteryear. While the look may be a throwback, the design and performance of the tool are what you would expect the inventor of the circular saw to promote for professional use.


Bosch on Skilsaw Rebranding

“We spent a considerable amount of time in the field talking with professionals to learn more about what drives them and how to improve our brand and products to better meet their needs. The over-arching message was that tradesmen are passionate about the work they do, and they rely on their SKILSAWs to help them meet challenges on the job. Ultimately, there’s a need among trades for a line of saws that are as hard-working and reliable as our legendary worm drives.”

Roger Amrol, president, SKILSAW Power Tools

A pair of new saws are coming out with the new branding under the Sidewinder family line. The SPT67WM-22 is touted as the world’s only all magnesium construction along with class-leading power and torque from it 15 amp Dual-Field Motor. The new Sidewinder comes with a Diablo 24T carbide blade and retails for $129.


The Skilsaw Sidewinder SPT67WL-01 features a resin housing that drops the weight down to just 8.6 pounds. It has the same 15 amp Dual-Field Motor as the magnesium model and retails for $119.


Under the re-brand, Skilsaw users will have 180 days to use the new Sidewinder products and can receive a full refund if they are not satisfied under the Stay True Guarantee. For more information, be sure to visit the new Skilsaw website

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