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Pro Tool Reviews NFTs Non-fungible Tools

Pro Tool Reviews to Issue NFTs (Non-fungible Tools) for Manufacturers

LAKELAND, FL – Pro Tool Reviews, the world’s largest publication dedicated to tool reviews for the construction industry, is once again leading the world by selling NFTs (non-fungible tools) for most major power tool manufacturers. “Having seen the effectiveness of NFTs in the world of art, gaming, and digital media, we decided to bring them […]

DeWalt TOUGHPODS in-ear headphones

DeWalt 20V MAX ToughPods In-ear Headphones

While other manufacturers dabble in wireless in-ear headphone technology that measures runtime in mere hours, the new DeWalt 20V Max ToughPods deliver 3 months of continuous runtime thanks to powerful 20V Max battery technology. “We just weren’t happy with half-day runtime we saw with most industry in-ear headphones. The batteries are way too small. We […]

Greenworks 60V Electric Motorcycle eCycle

Greenworks eCycle 60V Electric Motorcycle

Having exhausted everything on four wheels, Greenworks Tools has made the leap to pioneering the eCycle. The Greenworks eCycle is the world’s first commercial electric motorcycle that runs on power tool batteries. The Greenworks 60V Electric Motorcycle, or eCycle, boasts a top speed of 160 mph. It goes from 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds. Powered […]

Hart Tools 20V ratchet strap

HART Tools 20V Cordless Ratchet Straps

Giving credit to a lazy but productive intern who rigged up a HART 20V drill to a manual strap, Hart Tools announced their latest tool, a cordless ratchet strap system that winds and unwinds without the usual wrapping and tugging. “I was just trying to figure out a way to more quickly secure boxes of […]

Pro Tool Reviews trademarks asterisk

Pro Tool Reviews Trademarks the Asterisk®*®

*This press release about Pro Tool Reviews Trademarks the Asterisk ® is copyrighted and embargoed until April 1st LAKELAND, FL – Citing years of frustration with wading through legal documents and manufacturer caveats on product specifications, Pro Tool Reviews took a proactive stance this week by officially trademarking the asterisk®. The registered trademark includes both […]

KEEN Utility Key West steel toe flip flops

KEEN Utility Key West Steel Toe Flip Flops

Finally addressing the needs of South Floridians and electricians who like to surf during their lunch break without having to change shoes, KEEN Utility released their Key West Steel Toe Flip Flops to much fanfare. “We’ve done extensive research into the field, and what we found was that most electricians in Florida were wearing flip […]

Milwaukee Tool Buys M&Ms All Red

Milwaukee Tool Buys M&M Candies, Eliminates all Colors Except Red

Stunning fans with its revolutionary marketing genius, Milwaukee Electric Tool Co announced they are buying M&Ms Candies and eliminating all colors but red. “We’re going to sell individual M18 packs with exactly 18 candies per serving,” said an official Milwaukee Tool spokesperson whose name we didn’t get because they were stuffing their face with delicious […]

Harbor Freight Bauer 256V batteries

Harbor Freight Bauer Launches 256V Battery Platform to End All Debate

CALABASAS, CA – After hearing from its users regarding wanting more power, Harbor Freight decided to end the battery power debate once and for all by releasing a 256V XBT Multi-FUEL VoltFlex Max battery. “This new battery will not only be backward-compatible with all Bauer cordless tools, but it represents the largest, most powerful battery […]

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hot Sauce

Milwaukee Announces M18 FUEL Hot Sauce

MILWAUKEE, WI – After years of requests, Milwaukee Tool teamed up with Frank’s to announce M18 FUEL Hot Sauce, an original RedHot cayenne pepper sauce. Frank’s is a pioneer in flavorful mass-market hot sauces, and the two companies released their Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Hot Sauce to much fanfare. The two brands have “fueled” a […]