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Harbor Freight Bauer 256V batteries

Harbor Freight Bauer Launches 256V Battery Platform to End All Debate

CALABASAS, CA – After hearing from its users regarding wanting more power, Harbor Freight decided to end the battery power debate once and for all by releasing a 256V XBT Multi-FUEL VoltFlex Max battery. “This new battery will not only be backward-compatible with all Bauer cordless tools, but it represents the largest, most powerful battery […]

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hot Sauce

Milwaukee Announces M18 FUEL Hot Sauce

MILWAUKEE, WI – After years of requests, Milwaukee Tool teamed up with Frank’s to announce M18 FUEL Hot Sauce, an original RedHot cayenne pepper sauce. Frank’s is a pioneer in flavorful mass-market hot sauces, and the two companies released their Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Hot Sauce to much fanfare. The two brands have “fueled” a […]

game-changer trademark pro tool reviews

Pro Tool Reviews Trademarks “Game-Changer”, Charges License Fees

FLORIDA – Citing a stroke of genius, Pro Tool Reviews filed a rush application for the trademark Game Changer® which was granted under interim approval today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). “We realized that, though every manufacturer we come across uses the term Game Changer, none of them had actually trademarked the […]

lou ferrigno dewalt flexvolt

Lou Ferrigno New Spokesman for DeWalt FlexVolt

BALTIMORE, MD – Lou Ferrigno, the star of the smash 80’s hit series The Incredible Hulk has signed on as the new spokesman for DeWalt FlexVolt tools. During a live-streamed press event Wednesday, it was announced that Lou Ferrigno would become the de facto face and image of DeWalt FlexVolt tools moving forward. “I can’t […]

OSHA requires mattresses bottom ladders

OSHA Mandates King-Size Mattresses Be Placed at Bottom of All Ladders

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Fed up with the lackadaisical response to fall hazard protection, OSHA has instituted new measures designed to further protect tradesmen working at height. As of April 1, 2021, OSHA is mandating that king-size mattresses be placed at the bottom of all ladders. “By placing mattresses at the bottom of all ladders 6 […]

Swanson speed circle angle finder

Swanson Speed Circle Angle Finder and Framing Protractor

Just announced today, the Swanson Speed Circle aims to take care of modern framing concerns where curves are essential. This angle finder uses a framing protractor design to take the guesswork out of circular calculations. With the growing popularity of curved rafter tails, the Swanson Speed Circle might be the handiest tool you’ve added to […]

Pro Tool Reviews fantasy tools league

National Fantasy Tools Program Started by Pro Tool Reviews

2020 will see the start of a National Fantasy Tools Program by Pro Tool Reviews. The company aims to see tradesmen everywhere play in various leagues where they monitor power tool statistics on torque, speed, run-time, and more. The season will culminate in a Fantasy Tool Super Bowl that will pit the two top-performing tool […]

Southwire MAXIS XD1 grouper fishing combo

Southwire Maxis XD1 Grouper Fishing Combo

Venturing out into uncharted waters—literally—the Southwire Maxis XD1 Grouper Fishing Combo capitalizes on the popularity of the company’s Extreme Duty circuit puller. It takes the power and pulling capacity of the XD1 puller and applies it to an area previously unexplored by the company: grouper fishing. How Much Power Does the Southwire Maxis XD1 Grouper […]

Muellers AWG pasta standard

Mueller’s Announces Trade-Focused AWG Pasta Standard

“What gauge spaghetti do you want?” That will be the call if Mueller’s gets its way following a recent announcement. The company, which formed back in 1867, wants to embrace tradesmen by eschewing vague terms like “angel hair” and “linguini” for more easily-understandable and universal AWG pasta standard sizes. This standardizes an otherwise confusing litany […]

corded tool owners treated depression

Corded Tool Owners Treated for Depression Following Cordless Tool Upswing

All across the country, corded tool owners are being treated for depression following the recent upswing in cordless tool production. Citing everything from lack of new corded models to difficulty finding replacement parts, legacy tool enthusiasts are finding it difficult to cope in a world that seems to be abandoning the AC motor in favor […]