Worx Announces InfiniStack Batteries – Stackable Battery Solution

Worx InfiniStack battery system

Worx Unveils the Revolutionary InfiniStack Batteries: More Power, More Runtime, No Limits

Worx recently announced the launch of its groundbreaking InfiniStack Battery System. This new addition to the 20V Power Share platform redefines power tool operation by letting users extend their tool’s runtime significantly without compromising on performance or convenience. Worx InfiniStack Batteries work by letting you easily slide battery packs on top of one another.

Stackable for Customizable Power

The InfiniStack Battery System introduces a revolutionary design that allows users to stack multiple 20V batteries, offering a customizable power solution that caters to the demands of any project. This innovative feature means that for more intensive tasks requiring extended runtime, users can simply connect additional batteries on top of one another, ensuring that their tools keep running as long as needed.

Worx InfiniStack battery

InfiniStack Works Seamlessly with Worx 20V Power Share

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the extensive range of tools within the Worx 20V Power Share platform, the InfiniStack Battery System enhances the versatility and utility of the Worx power tool collection. From drills and saws to leaf blowers and trimmers, users can now enjoy extended use without the need for constant recharging or multiple batteries.

Features and Benefits

  • Extended Runtime: Easily stack batteries for increased runtime, ensuring tools operate longer on a single charge.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works with all Worx 20V Power Share tools.
  • Innovative Design: Compact and lightweight, the InfiniStack batteries feature the same external dimensions as existing Power Share packs.
  • Quick Swap: Featuring an easy-to-use attachment system, batteries can be quickly and securely connected or detached, minimizing downtime.
  • Advanced Cell Technology: With tabless 21700 battery cell technology, InfiniStack maximizes power output while reducing heat and charge time.

“Worx has always been at the forefront of power tool innovation, and the InfiniStack Battery System is a testament to our commitment to providing users with flexible, powerful, and sustainable solutions. By letting users extend the runtime of their tools without needing to invest in numerous batteries, we’re not only enhancing convenience but also promoting sustainability by reducing waste.”

Tim Slidewell, director of stackology

How Many Worx InfiniStack Batteries Can You Stack?

Currently, Worx provides for four batteries to be stacked together at one time. That means you can have a maximum of 32Ah of power using four WIS3678 8Ah batteries. Worx even offers an optional shoulder harness that fits any of their existing drills, impact drivers, chainsaws, or hedge trimmers.

Worx InfiniStack quad stack

Pricing and Availability

Worx InfiniStack batteries come in several capacities. Worx plans to start with the InfiniStack 2.0Ah pack and then roll out additional capacities later this year. The InfiniStack feature adds around $20 to the price of a typical Worx Powershare battery pack.

  • 2.0Ah InfiniStack 20V Slim Battery (WIS3575) – $99.99
  • 4.0Ah InfiniStack 20V Battery (WIS3512) – $119.99
  • 8.0Ah InfiniStack 20V PRO Battery (WIS3678) – $189.99

The Worx InfiniStack Battery System could transform the way DIYers approach their projects. Our question is whether or not any Pro-focused tool companies will line up with a similar stackable battery system for their tools. Given that Worx was recently awarded a patent on this technology, the odds may be stacked against them!

InfiniStack batteries go on sale both online and at select retailers nationwide starting April 1, 2024. For more information, including technical specifications, please click here.

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